Strange msn messenger message

  Rhuddlan 16:46 03 Feb 2005

When a friend of mine was logged into her msn account last night and this morning, and she was also logged into msn messenger, she received a message in the taskbar saying something along the lines of, you are being signed out of msn, as you are already signed in on another computer. This has happened to her daughter as well, on the same computer. They hasn't signed in anyway else, and no one knows there password. She has windows xp sp2 and msn messenger 7.0 beta, amy ideas? I can't say I have heared of this one before now.

  SANTOS7 17:00 03 Feb 2005

click here your friend might want to read this before doing anything else,good luck..........

  mattyc_92 17:02 03 Feb 2005

Hi there... I had this problem almost a year ago and I found as soon as I changed the password for the MSN/Hotmail account, the problem was GONE...

  Old Shep 19:13 03 Feb 2005

Think you will find it has nothing to do with Msn 7 beta it happens with all versions as it happens to me. If you go to Run and type in Msconfig select the Start up tab look for MSMSGS and untick the box. This will stop it doing what you explain (message you have been signed out of another location) For some reason every so often this box appears with a tick in it and I have to untick it to stop it happening again. When the box is ticked it seems to automatically log you on without you knowing,I have had people send me messages when I am not logged on and could never understand why. Hope this helps.

  Rhuddlan 23:49 07 Feb 2005

Have unticked the options of starting and loading messenger when windows loads, and reinstalled messenger as well as change of password, thanks everyone.

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