Strange message at start-up

  PaulCrane 09:27 03 Jun 2003

I'm getting a strange message when I start-up my PC. When it reaches the desktop a dialogue box opens with the following message:-

"Windows cannot find 'rhfvqtbpi OO'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button and then click Search."

The OO is in fact two squares, which I don't even know how to type here. The only option is to click ok, which leads me to another box, this time saying:-

"Could not load or run 'rhfvqtbpi OO' specified in the registry. Make sure the file exists on your computer or remove the reference to it in the registry".

When I ok that box, the computer carries on as normal.

I think ( and I really cannot be sure) that it may date back to when I bodged up a driver update (detonators). There seems to have been a real slowdown in booting up as well.

I'm reluctant to start exploring the registry at random, for fear of doing some damage. Does anyone have any ideas about how to get rid of this?



  keith-236785 10:19 03 Jun 2003

to do this open regedit, click file / export give it a name you will recognise( up to 8 characters long as over 8 characters dos starts using strange symbols to show names)i find using the date is a good way ie 3603 for todays date

only way i can think of getting rid of the message is to go into that registry and delelte the reference to the file, it is not as frightening as you think, but i can understand your fear.

or you could re-install windows but that is more drastic than deleting an entry in registry.

how to do it

click "start/run"
in the box type "regedit" press enter
when regedit loads up

press F3
this opens the search box

type in the name of the file (rhfvqtbpi) in your case, ignore the extension

wait a while and it should either highlight an entry in the right hand window or report that no file was found, if it does highlght one simply right click on it (in the right hand window) and selct delete. then press F3 again, this will keep searching from where it stopped for more entries, delete each one, pressing F3 each time until it says finished searching registry.

at this point click ok to shut the search box then press F3 and try again to make sure you aint missed anything.

shutdown and re-start windows and hopefully you wont get the message anymore.

good luck

  otubby1 13:18 03 Jun 2003

Excuse me for butting in but...

Paperman, a question. I read so often about backing up the registry, and know how to do it, but... if I screw things up, and can't reboot, (trust me, I am one of those who could do this :)) how would I go about putting things right?

  PaulCrane 15:58 03 Jun 2003

although I wouldn't know howe to go about restoring the registry from my backup even if I was able to boot.


  otubby1 18:20 03 Jun 2003

^alle oop^

  keith-236785 18:45 03 Jun 2003

Ah you have got me now, i just dont know but as you say everyone just says "back it up", i think by starting in safe mode(if you can get that far) that you can then go to regedit and IMPORT the backup back into windows, i have never tried this and am open to correction if im wrong, another way might be via the start-up floppy which we all have (you DO have one dont you?????)

as i said i have never needed to because i always make a hard backup of my important stuff so if windows goes belly-up as it sometimes does then i just format and start again..

i wont be defeated by a corrupt windows registry when i have my faithful start-up disk in my hand (yes i even have two of them just in case) you can never be too careful. even if you are running windows XP you can still use it to get to your data if you need to save something before a format, something else you need that floppy disk for too........

i will await someone now telling me im wrong.........

good luck everyone

  spikeychris 19:02 03 Jun 2003

PaulCrane, you don't say what flavour your using but the slow boot up would indicate that Windows is searching for the specified file. The files name is a strange one, have you typed it right? if so and your using any system apart from 2K then go to start and run and type msconfig, this will bring up a box. Go to the startup tab and untick the relevant the one that contains the file.

Backup: once you have backed up ie: to the desktop you just need to double click the file and it will load itself back to the reg, you don't have to start in safe mode.


  nigwel 19:04 03 Jun 2003

I think you have a programe that has attached itself to your start up menu..go to run "Bottom Right of task Bar" in the start menu and type msconfig and click run and then go to startup and look for this name that you`re typing and untick that option. that will stop it wanting to start on startup.. Hope that helps...

  nigwel 19:05 03 Jun 2003

Sorry spikeychris I didnt read your message but you are right..soz mate..

  keith-236785 23:23 03 Jun 2003


thnx for the correction, as i said i havent had to use the reg backup so i didnt know. but if the registry is screwed up can you still get windows to boot to be able to double click it?...

regards paperman27

  Granger 23:29 03 Jun 2003

Just a suggestion - instead of leaping in and deleting refernces to this in the Registry, why not search it first and see if there's any clue to what it means? Open regedit and choose Edit, Find, and type in those characters. See what keys it appears in.

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