Strange Message

  Spiceskull1 06:29 17 Aug 2008


Not sure when it happened, or what installed/uninstalled problem caused it, but I get the following message when exiting notepad:

'anderungen in untitled speichern?'

#would you like to save changes in untitled notepad document (or something like that)#

The options are in English, everything else about my system seems as it should be...

I have Googled, I have searched the registry, and I have checked language settings, but cannot find the cause of this...could anyone please help?

Running WinXP Pro.


  bretsky 10:08 17 Aug 2008

Goto click here

Read the problem then scroll near to the bottom of the page and click on the link that "sramesh2k" provides, this will tell you how to rectify and get rid of the pop message.

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 10:10 17 Aug 2008

Should be "Pop up message"

  Spiceskull1 17:09 17 Aug 2008


Thanks for that - I don't have a credit/debit card, so am unable to either a) take a free trial or b) view the response...

Any chance someone can actually provide the solution on this thread?


  rdave13 17:18 17 Aug 2008

Try bretsky's link again but from here; click here . The first one on the Google page. Scroll a long way down.

  Spiceskull1 17:41 17 Aug 2008

rdave - you are a star - thanks for worked a treat.

  bretsky 18:03 17 Aug 2008

That Link that rdave13 gave you is the link I gave if you look closely as I said you have to scroll down the page!

  rdave13 18:13 17 Aug 2008

That site can be a little fussy with diferent browsers. When I opened your original link in Opera it would not scroll down to the reply section. Something to do with the trial offer I think. Sometimes it works from a google page or the cashe link.

  bretsky 18:41 17 Aug 2008

Fully appreciate what you are saying, I use Opera and google which is how I found the page, seems that we found the same page and with the same outcome, a thank you to BOTH parties would have been nice since we were the only people to reply!

  Technotiger 19:48 17 Aug 2008

We are not here for the thankQ's - doesn't matter whose link works, it is the end result that matters. 'only people to reply' did it not occur to you that plenty of others could have given the same answer, but we could see that you both had the matter in hand.

  bretsky 21:21 17 Aug 2008

All I'M saying is a little thanx goes along way, a courtesy thing, to everyone involved!

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