Strange memory goings on.

  prodway 18:54 03 Sep 2003

I recently started to notice my computer acting slower on games and on desktop etc...then relised that it wasnt reading all of my 512 sdr memory i have installed,it was only coming up as 256 which would have been only 1 of my memory sticks so i took them both out gave them a blow down and put them both back in my mboard,so i go into my system info and it still comes up as:

Total physical memory 256 mb

so i check my system propeties(in xp) and it reads 512mbs.Whats this mean?Hope someone can explain this,Thanks.Paul.

  hugh-265156 19:37 03 Sep 2003

i was thinking onboard graphics this would share the system memory but the most i have seen is 128 shared.have you tried each stick of ram individually?

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