strange icon keeps popping up on desktop

  Tabatha 19:31 06 Mar 2003


For some unknown reason a windows icon, with what looks like a 'squiggly dash' underneath, keeps appearing on my desktop for no reason. It's not a folder, seems like a file. When I right-click on properties it just tells me the date it appeared, ms dos name (squiggle) and archive is ticked. This problem is very annoying, not causing me any difficulties, but I'm obviously curious as to what it is and why it is happening.

All I have done so far is keep deleting them.

Any suggestions please.


  Gerrycan 19:58 06 Mar 2003

Which O/S are you using?

  he he :-) 20:14 06 Mar 2003

There was a thread about this not so long ago so i'll start looking for it or som1 might beat me 2 it.

  tran1 20:21 06 Mar 2003

Is it an empty icon with a ~ as its name?

If it is then you have the same problem as me. click here

Do you play SOF2 by any chance?

  Tabatha 21:57 06 Mar 2003

Wow tran1, that is the problem.

I've just found the squiggle on my computer, of what it looks like THE WINDOWS LOGO and underneath ~

Something else just happened. I was trying to delete it from My Computer>Desktop as Stuartli suggested and this next message came up: hbsrv caused a stack fault in module kernel32.dll at 017f:bff724cl. Then the computer put me on its emergency desktop.

Does anyone know what that means? It's obviously connected to my problem.

Gerrycan. Hi. I am using Windows 98 second edition.

Thanks everyone. I'll wait for reply.


  powerless 22:01 06 Mar 2003

When you are starting your computer keep tapping the F8 key and the select SAFE MODE...

Once you are in safe mode, delete it.

Then reboot and see what happens.

  MAJ 22:05 06 Mar 2003

As well as Powerless' suggestion, see does this ring any bells, Tabatha. Something about a Hotbar. Not quite the same error message I know, but it's a similar file. click here

  Tabatha 12:06 07 Mar 2003


Wow. Thanks. I never realised this, but I've had the problem since I have downloaded an Outlook Express Hotbar. I will unistall it now and see if it resolves the problem.

Thanks all of you, for your help.


  wiggywaggy 09:46 09 Mar 2003

my teebage son visited a porn site and ever since then I keep getting a "sex now" icon on my desktop and on the bottom right habd corner of my taskbar. I have unistalled it many time sbut it keeps coming back. Can anyone help me get rid of it. I use windows 98.


  thms 09:57 09 Mar 2003

You should start another thread for this.
Anyway right click on desktop icon,select properties and click on find target.
This will tell you which folder it is installed in. Delete this folder.

  TOMMO01 10:02 09 Mar 2003

You need to download a program called AD-Aware from click here

There are various version, some you pay for but one is free and it is excellent.

I had HOTBAR installed too. It looked like a good laugh, what a pain in the neck. I now recive around 20 emails a day from promotional companies and this is despite saying NO to them sending me information.

This program - AD-aware removes all spyware - it is quite excellent. Really easy to use. Download, install , run and select everything it finds that is spyware.

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