Strange Happenings on BT Broadband

  -pops- 11:44 09 Jul 2003

About two hours ago my BT broadband connection went off.

Thinking there was a fault at BT, I left it for a while then tried to reconnect. A message came up that my name and password was incorrect. Thinking again that it was BT having troubles still, I left it again for a while. Came back, just the same. Rang the status line - it reported no problems. I then noticed that my user name had had a letter removed from it. I re-inserted the missing letter but still got the same message. I then re-installed my password and only then did I get connected.

This machine has been running since Christmas and never had any problems until today.

I've done a system restore to yesterday and all seems fine but, my query is:

Have I got, or had, something I wish I hadn't in my machine? Has anyone else had anything similar or is it a one off?

No new or unusual downloads recently and certainly no KaZaa or its clones!



  gourdis 12:00 09 Jul 2003


i've lost my connection a couple of times, this was after i downloaded a lot of stuff. Has bt got a limit on the amount of bytes your allowed to download in one day??
You say you had to put your password in, am with bt broadband but don't have a password??

Anyway not much help but i've lost my connection too, but after leaving it a wee while all is well.


  -pops- 12:09 09 Jul 2003

Sorry, should have said BT Openworld broadband - slightly different to BT Broadband.

From what you've said, gourdis, it may well have been a drop out on BT and all the hassle I was getting was a coincidence.

BTW, I'm in south west Surrey. Is that anywhere near you?

I don't think there is a download limit (yet!!!)


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