Strange happenings with AVG 8 Free

  six-h 18:54 28 Jan 2009

Anybody else experiencing unusual behaviour?
Mine's set to update and also scan at 3pm.
It always updates on boot up, as it did today at 11 am, but, a rare occurence, it failed to connect.
Forcing an update, I got a window opened showing several updates for "AVG7.5" strange!
however, I accepted, and carried on working.
then at 3:55, during the scheduled scan, a message slid up saying connection with update server had failed (only 55 mins late!)then I notice the tray icon was switched off, and windows warned me that AVG had been switched off.
I again forced an update, and this again produced a window saying there were several updates waiting, after accepting,and re-starting, all was apparently well, but now, instead of the "Threat Detected" notice when visiting web sites, I now get "Threat Removed".
Is this new behaviour normal?

Another query:
After a scan, I get the report overview, and it used to list the threats by type, now it only states: "Warnings" Found 151, or what ever number.
The Warnings tab still gives full details of each as before.
I don't take any action regarding these warnings, and the quantity fluctuates rather than increases, which seems to indicate that I'm not required to delete them, am I right to take no action against them?

  six-h 20:35 28 Jan 2009

Just been through the list on the warnings tab, right-clicking on each, and they seem to fall into two groups: -

46 of them offer the "Right-click" context menu: -
"Heal, Move to vault,or Copy to Clip Board"

The rest all offer : -
"Remove Threat, or Copy to Clip Board"

Should I be taking some action on either of these groups??

  six-h 17:59 30 Jan 2009

Wow, didn't realise how popular AVG 8 Free really was lol.
No-one got any ideas?

  MAT ALAN 18:01 30 Jan 2009

Any options you have to REMOVE or HEAL i would do so, uninstall/reinstalling the prog sometimes has a way of fixing these issues, and YES we are the only two using AVG 8 FREE LOL...

  six-h 18:27 30 Jan 2009

Thanks MAT ALAN, as I said, I've never taken any action, and the warnings count doesn't seem to escalate.
Rather, it starts over with each scan (what happens to those previously detected, I've no idea)
The reason I don't "remove" or "Heal", is that I don't want to lose the cookies that sign me in to various the fora that I frequent.

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