Strange goings on in Word, Access and Excel

  billyliv 19:14 26 Jan 2004

Hi, This happens on a machine at work. Whenever We click onto Word. Access or Excel it wants to go through the installation process. After a few minutes we can click on cancel and the programme opens. we dont really want to uninstal because someone has spirited away the disc. Anything else that can be done? Cheers, Bill

  spikeychris 19:20 26 Jan 2004

billyliv, have you tried the repair options..under help on the tool bar?

  billyliv 20:34 26 Jan 2004

Hi, Will try it tomorrow. Cheers, Bill

  short-circuit 20:40 26 Jan 2004

Has it ever worked properly and if so does your operating system have a System Restore tool?


  billyliv 22:14 26 Jan 2004

Hi, My apologies, NT4, Office 2000 Pro. Cant say that it worked OK before as we found it in the corner of a cupboard and set it up in an office for the caretaker. If it comes to the crunch we have Office 2000 Standard so will uninstal Pro. and instal Standard. Cheers, Bill

  accord 22:27 26 Jan 2004

caretakers getting hitech now then. cant remember them being that when i was at school, they just had a big bunch of keys with them all the time.

  Cesar 11:40 27 Jan 2004

Do you have SFC /scannow on your windows disc running this is supposed to repair damaged and corrupt discs.

  Big Elf 11:45 27 Jan 2004

The option to run from CD was probably selected when installing. If you re-install again and select the custom option you get to choose run all from my computer.

  Hyperangelic 12:27 27 Jan 2004

Have you downloaded Windows Updates or Office Updates recently? I had the same problem with Excel recently directly after I downloaded some Office updates. I use Excel all the time, so you can imagine the scene!!

We found a disc around and did what it wanted, but the cause was the updates...

  billyliv 20:13 27 Jan 2004

Hi All, Alas, it is a no win situation. We cannot even uninstal in 'Add Remove Programs', as, When 'Remove' is clicked up comes the Windows installer asking for the disc to continue the installation. We have put a notice up asking for the return of the discs with no questions asked, but, I dont hold out much hope. I suppose the caretaker will have to live with it.
I will list the Update history tomorrow. Cheers, Bill

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