Strange goings on within...

  GasGasOhlins 09:13 03 Oct 2007
Locked laptop. I have made a fresh install of xp home (along with drivers)after a few problems. I`m in the process of installing all my software cd`s that I have,eg. nero,printer disc,webcam,Nikon etc. I have had no problems installing any of them until I arrive at my Garmin Mapsource CD for my GPS.As soon as I put it it the CDRom whizzes a bit and I can hear it turning then it stays silent with nothing showing up on screen. My laptop CDRom is only a CR writer and I have an external DVD writer which will do the same with the mapsource CD`s.When I introduce another CD it`ll load (on both writers) without problems. The Mapsource CD`s were previously installed so I know they work(or maybe not now) Any suggestions as to the ghost in the machine....or am I just daft!! I`ve had a wee peep within the search section but to no avail.

Thanks folks....


  gudgulf 09:41 03 Oct 2007

Check the Garmin cd rom for marks/fingerprints etc and give it a good clean.

Sounds like the cd is dirty or damaged and the cd drive can't read it.

  GasGasOhlins 09:56 03 Oct 2007

I tried that just now again to no avail.What I can`t work out is that I loaded the maps in before....put the CD away and brought it out last scrapes or any grease marks apparent...and it just won`t work!! :)


  spuds 09:57 03 Oct 2007

Failing that, is the cd 'locked' to the original installation?.

  GasGasOhlins 10:02 03 Oct 2007

I don`t think so in that when I bought the GPS second hand the CD`s came with it to download the maps into my PC. They had been unlocked and used OK both by me and the previous owner. I have the unlock codes in the GPS box. Do you think maybe if I was to view the files within the CD there might be an icon to click to start an unlock process??....


  spuds 10:57 03 Oct 2007

You could only try and see perhaps. Failing that, you could contact the cd supplier for more information!.

  GasGasOhlins 17:54 03 Oct 2007

..went into my original box of papers that came with the GPS and had a scurry for any unlock codes/serial numbers etc. I was able to find a set up disk that you have to run first before installing any of the 2 map CD`s..all this to say I now have the set up disc in with the map disks...and the maps on my sorry for any ones time on this one....


  wiz-king 18:00 03 Oct 2007

Don't worry - we have all made boobs like that at some time - and wished the floor would open up and swallow us.

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