Strange going's on!

  Rhuddlan 21:18 25 Apr 2005

A friend of mine's computer is acting very strange recentley, when a word document is open and she goes out of the room and comes back there is a sentance of numbers and letters when she hasn't written anything, and no one else is in the house. Also, certain games like minswepper and hearts and also calucator keep opening on there own when she is on the comp, any ideas? and no before anyone says it she ahsn't got ghosts!

  Technotiger 21:23 25 Apr 2005

Hi, I would suggest running all the ad-aware/anti-virus/spyware progams she has, sounds like a nasty has got in there - worse than ghosts.


  stalion 21:25 25 Apr 2005

try a scan with A2 click here

  Highland Guy 21:25 25 Apr 2005

Run some virus scans and spy/malware scans on this system NOW!!! Do not connect to internet until this is done and all is clear.

Install a firewall if there isn't one already.

Could be a hacker having some fun remotely!!!

Make sure OS is fully updated aswell.


  Rhuddlan 21:26 25 Apr 2005

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone, will go around there tommorrow and post back, cheers, Rhuddlan.

  VoG II 21:29 25 Apr 2005

Microphone switched on?

  DieSse 22:32 25 Apr 2005

Faulty keyboard?

  lotvic 22:35 25 Apr 2005

I'm thinking the same as Highland Guy has said.

  Pooke100 22:53 25 Apr 2005

call an exorcist?

Could be a combination of things, you need to check what processes etc are running when these things happen. There has to be some sort common denominator. Check keyboard and mouse settings, ensure the leads are in properly, run the AV and malware scans as advised above.

PS. I do like the idea of ghosts, we think there's one in our house!!

  Rhuddlan 01:47 27 Apr 2005

Been back to my friend's today, no viruses found, no adware, malware or spyware. Scanned with NAV 2005, Ad Aware and spybot, all up to date and working properly. All SP2 updates installed, comp is still very slow, mouse behaving very erratic, any ideas for a desprate friend of mine.

  Technotiger 12:09 27 Apr 2005

Hi, mouse very eratic - can you be more explicit about mouse behavior. Is it a normal ball-mouse, maybe just needs the rollers inside cleaned; or if batteries are used, new batteries?


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