strange freezing!

  darkreign 12:29 15 Jul 2008

Hi peeps. Here's my log.

I have a desktop using vista on a core2duo system. I have a network setup through the mains using the devolo ethernet plugs.

My network failed on both my desktop and lappy. The network cable from my desktop to router wasn't working (there was no light on the router). Thinking it a faulty lead, i bought a new one. While attaching it my pc my network card fell of the motherboard, which i re-attached.

Network still did not work. The desktop started freezing on boot up.

Did a sys restore - did not work.
Did a mem test using windows cd - no problems found. Did not work.
Did a start up repair using windows cd - did not work.
Did the start up repair again - still no joy.

Is it possible to re-image to factory settings? It's not a dell, but a custom made bought from ebay over a year ago. Have all the neccessary protection.

I'm out of ideas on what else i could do, other then a complete re-install.

Many thanks

  nob14 14:11 15 Jul 2008

You did use the correct lead and not a crossover one.

The lappy should still work with the lead have you tried that? It will tell you if its a router/lead problem or the pC.

  darkreign 07:28 16 Jul 2008

I do believe i've used the correct cable, on the box. It did say RJxxx (cant remember exactly what) and that it was for connecting my computer to the router.

I also don't think my desktop freezing has anything to do with the cable/network card because i have tried booting with them completely removed, but it's still freezing.

Lappy has no connection when i visit websites, and tried to repair it using windows but no joy. This started almost the same time my desktop went belly up.

I feel i've got to bite my tongue and do a complete re-format/re-install of my vista system. if it's anything like xp then i should be able to do it by re-installing using vista cd.

Just wondering if this would remedy it! would it repair disk errors (as that's what startup repairs diagnosed it)?


  nob14 12:51 16 Jul 2008

Have you rebooted the router?

can you connect the lappy to router via the cable to make sure the cable/router are working.

Are you talking about two seperate problems? Connection problem and freezing of the desktop.

Not too sure with Vista but is there a scandisk like XP that would repair bad sectors.

If the worst came to the worst, save your important stuff and restore to as when bought.

  darkreign 16:53 16 Jul 2008 i dont think the two are connected. Its been suggested i look into the bios to make sure everything is as it should be, but not too sure how to enter it? I'm planning to do a complete vista re-install as i cant find another solution (had a look through this forum). Thanks for tryin to help me. The connection problem's for another time and another thread. Ta. D.

  darkreign 16:56 16 Jul 2008 do i restore it to factory settings? Ta. D

  darkreign 07:27 17 Jul 2008

And have learnt my lesson to make back ups on a regular basis.

I hope my freezing problem has been resolved otherwise i'm truly up the creek with no paddle (i can't swim either).

Thanks all and nob14.

  nob14 11:57 17 Jul 2008

No problem I hope its sorted for you.

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