Strange Firewall problem

  dazza39 13:13 14 Feb 2007

I have Windows Firewall,also Zonealarm they work side by side ok until recently when everytime I started up my PC I recieved a warning that Firewall was turned off ??,switched back on again but same thing kept happening every time I booted up??.Also I play an online game Vanguard and couldn't get this to run after initial game launch which was okay.Any ideas what could be doing this?.I have rolled back System Restore to earlier day so hopefully is should sort it...anyone else had this problem.


  Devil Fish 13:36 14 Feb 2007

usually if you install a third party firewall it will disable the windows firewall it is not a good idea to have 2 running as it leaves the potential for conflict

when you say your firewall is turned off i assume you mean the windows firewall if so leave it off it is probably being disabled by zone alarm

to stop the message go to control panel security centre in the left column under resources click change the way windows alerts me uncheck the firewall
click ok and close everything out

  audeal 16:25 14 Feb 2007

Devil Fish: I used Zone Alarm for years without problems. But recently i changed to Ashampoo free and found it left some ports open, so I turned on Windows Firewall, which surprisingly runs alongside Ashampoo. With both running together all my ports are closed as it should be.

Any comments on that one?

  dazza39 16:30 14 Feb 2007

Thats what i thought,both worked fine till recently I know you can run third party firewalls with Windows I mean Zonealarm has been around for years,hopefully by using system restore back a couple of days I might have stopped it.Will post back.


  Batch 16:33 14 Feb 2007

Some firewalls may sit well along side each other and others may not. It's not easy to tell. Personally I'd rather know I have one good firewall active and on guard rather than have two firewalls and not be sure whether, between them, due to conflicts, there may be some sort of gap.

Of course if you've got braodband and use a modem router, there's a very high chance it has a built in firewall (which should be turned on). This can quite happily work "alongside" a firewall on your PC.

  Devil Fish 19:31 14 Feb 2007


it sounds like the ashampoo firewall is not configured properly have a look at the help menu with regards to configuration it should give you info on how to set it up properly

  audeal 22:07 14 Feb 2007

Thanks Devil Fish I will take a look tomorrow as I am rather busy at the moment.

  chocolate cake 22:17 14 Feb 2007

What version of ZA are you using?

Have you tried a clean install of the firewall? You can do this using the .exe file that you hopefully saved into a folder prior to install.

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