Strange Files in MS Word.

  bswatts 16:10 25 Aug 2004

I operate XP (home). Some 'strange files have appeared when go to 'fil>open. A typical example is called '15b33666c572d01d26b8d8feae13'. On opening this folder the files in it are asms, pconfig, update, shell32.dll, shlwapi.dll, spunnit and xpsp.2res.dll. does anyone know what this is all about. I didn't put them there! Should they be there and should i take any action?
Thanks for any help.

  ventanas 16:14 25 Aug 2004

Which folder is Word defaulting to?

  bswatts 16:23 25 Aug 2004

Dear ventanus
It isn't defaulting - at least i don't think so! I open Worda then 'file>open> and look in local disc (C:)

  Diemmess 16:33 25 Aug 2004

I am still with W98SE but I do run Word 2000

Perhaps what ventenas means is where does Word normally store documents on your computer?

Try the Word dropdown menu Tools > Options and pick the File Locations tab........This should show you where word saves your documents unless you specify somewhere different. If that path has changed you should be able to decide for yourself and re-arrange things.

  Diemmess 16:39 25 Aug 2004

Word usually defaults to My Documents. Some including me, prefer a named folder somewhere else, just to keep Word docs separate from the rest.

If you are keeping your docs in C: things can get a mite difficult!

  ventanas 17:03 25 Aug 2004

That is what I meant. It would appear that the file locations has got a bit screwed up.

bswatts. As Diemmess has said, open Word and from the Tools menu, choose Options and then click the File Locations tab. Under File Types check the location of Documents.

  bswatts 18:24 25 Aug 2004

Ok, sorry! When I go to file>open the default is 'My Documents'. That isn't where the strange files show up, only under a sufile of Local disc C:. i know my filing skills are limited, but that's noe the problem. Where did they come from and what do they mean. when i open one of them et cosists of pages of what looks like code - lots of strings of small squares.Perhaps they should be opened in a different programme? If so which onw and how is it done?
Thanks for your replies and help.

  Diemmess 08:11 26 Aug 2004

You say....."only under a sufile of Local disc C:." - - - I think you mean a folder within C:

I guess the problem is not "How did they get there", but "How did YOU get there."
The strange files seem to be Windows System files, which must not be disturbed. You are in Tiger Country with those files. Recommend you leave that folder alone, unless a word document has somehow found its way there.

If it has, then use My Computer to find, cut and paste any word document to My Documents or wherever you intend to save your work.

  Taff36 09:27 26 Aug 2004

You are looking at "All Files" and as Diemmess says you are in tiger country! When you go into word and go file>open a dialog box opens. Change the bottom drop down box from "All files *.*" to "All word documents *.doc, *.dot *.html etc "

You will then only see documents that SHOULD be opened with Word. Then as Diemmess says try to keep all your documents stored under my documents.

Hope this helps.

  bswatts 10:43 26 Aug 2004

Many thanks to all.

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