Strange file appeared after scanning & cleaning

  six-h 15:37 18 Sep 2007

I've just run Spybot, AdAware and AVGAS,rebooting after each, and noticed that a "Thumbs.db" file has appeared on the desktop.
It appeared I think after re booting following AdAware scan.
It is a 3KB file (4KB on disk) created on July 2nd 2007 at 14:23:44 and modified 2 seconds later.
Anyone know what it might be?

  Technotiger 15:46 18 Sep 2007

Hmm, dunno what it is doing on the desktop, but it is the Windows Thumbnail viewer.

  six-h 15:51 18 Sep 2007

You sure about that?
I'm scared of opening it 'cos I've just cleared out all sorts of nasties, and don't want to undo the good work...:-)

  Seth Haniel 15:53 18 Sep 2007

you hide system files ;)

  six-h 16:03 18 Sep 2007

Thanks for that, but what is worrying me is: -
Why has it parked its self on the desk top?
If it is indeed the thumbnail viewer, why was it created on the 2nd of july this year, and not back in 2003 when my system was manufactured?

  Jak_1 16:08 18 Sep 2007

is right, simly delete the shortcut from the desktop.

  six-h 16:13 18 Sep 2007

There by hangs the tail!!
It's not a shortcut, it is the file its self!

  Seth Haniel 16:21 18 Sep 2007

if in explorer you unhide system files then lok in any folder that has jpeg or gif files etc you will find thumbs.db it is a file created by windows to speed up how it opens the file if at some times you have that folder shown as thumbnails - if you search for thumbs.db you will probably find quite a lot on your pc and they are all safe to delete even though you will probably get a warning that it is a system file -as the next time you go into that folder in thumbnails view it will be recreated
so nothing to worry about - just delete it ;)

  Jak_1 16:27 18 Sep 2007

It is safe to delete.

  six-h 16:29 18 Sep 2007

I've just been reading about it, just can't understand why it appeared whilst scanning for nasties!
can you help on another item?
since cleraring out the dross, I've been round my usual forums, re logging in, and notice that on one, I can nolonger see pictures, Right clicking the X does nothing, and in internet options, advanced, I do have "Show Pictures" ticked.
What can I do to show them?

  Technotiger 16:52 18 Sep 2007

Sorry, I have been away ... but I see you have been well looked after of course.

On your last point, if it is only one particular forum where you get the X's, it could be 'their' fault not yours.

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