strange email/popup message, please help

  TECHNODIMWIT 19:54 25 Apr 2003

s friend has sent an email to japan, then received the following message.

Message from alert service to windows user.


You have just received a message thru an open port in your computer.
It means anyone can send messages like this or even use the open port in there advantage to invade your computer.

Please visit click here to secure this port
and never receive messages like this again

whilst i see the scam there website states.

You received this message due to a built in feature that Microsoft included in Windows XP, 2000, and NT.

not running those operating systems, should i be looking at microsoft updates or just ignore it


  xalemo 19:56 25 Apr 2003

don't bother, it's an advert.

  sil_ver 20:13 25 Apr 2003

Do not answer in any fashion, just delete it. By answering you tell the sender there is an active e-mail address and you could be inundated with spam

  TECHNODIMWIT 20:55 25 Apr 2003

many thanks xalemo and sil_ver.

thought as much, just wondered if an update is in order, i will sugest anyway


  muppetmark 23:28 25 Apr 2003

They want to charge your friend $25 for a solution available in a lot of places including click here

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