Strange email...

  ptrafc 18:33 20 Oct 2005

I got an email today from '[email protected]' saying: Your e-mail to [email protected] was scanned by
SurfControl E-mail Anti-Virus Agent and has detected the Virus: W32/[email protected]!zip.
The Virus has been cleaned.

from [email protected] protected-domain>

It also contains an attachment (unopened) called 'Part 1.2'

I have not sent an email to the stated address.

I have McAfee Internet Security, and I am quite clued up on how to stay safe on the net, but this email has baffled me. My email is pretty safe from spam and I've never received any spam to my address. I am not sure if this is any type of 'virus' or 'hoax' email, or if it's something genuine.
Any help will be much appreciated.

  VoG II 18:34 20 Oct 2005

Probably a virus - delete.

  skeletal 19:01 20 Oct 2005

I get phases when I get similar emails…in some cases lots of them. I think it happens when someone has your address in their system; they get a virus and the virus then spams loads of others using all the addresses it’s got from the infected PC (including yours). The others then get an infected message that they think is from you and send you a note to say you’ve sent a virus.

You will probably get a few more, and it will all go quiet when the person realises they have a virus.

To be sure though, never open/be very careful openeing an email that you aren’t expecting.


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