Strange email

  steven_frost 08:18 28 Jan 2005

I need to report some one who sent me an email this morning about the car i am selling, this person said that they wanted to buy it and has offered me more money for than i asked for strange i know then asked for my home address name etc so that some one else may send me a the money in a from of a cheque for £2500 this is were alarm bells ring as i have heard of this scam doing its rounds on EBay so can any one tell who i report this too

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:20 28 Jan 2005

It is a scam and you can report it to Ebay but it is unlikely that they can do anything. Just delete and forget.


  steven_frost 08:22 28 Jan 2005

sorry i'm not selling it on EBay just heard about a scam that did the rounds on EBay not so long ago i'm selling it via another web site.

  Sethhaniel 08:26 28 Jan 2005

Its only by reporting them and then 'the penny finally drops' and action is taken - by not reporting - the event never happened so no action is needed ;(
Surely with technology the email can be traced to an owner - go for it- Ebay are always asking for you to report false emails so they can get on top of the scam. ;)

  steven_frost 08:28 28 Jan 2005

The problem is i'm not selling it on EBay but via another web site which is why i need to know who to report it too, as i feel that they could try and do this to some one else who is less aware of the problem

  Sethhaniel 08:44 28 Jan 2005

and as it is a crime -the police should have a department also.

  bobbybowls 08:45 28 Jan 2005

report to whoever runs the web site you are selling it on.

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