strange dialogue box behaviour in Firefox

  User-C482BBE1-3EDD-4A99-BEDC0BD6B59295E3 15:03 04 Feb 2009

When I open Firefox homepage a small blank rectangular dialogue box appears under the cursor and persists on screen for 4-5 seconds every time I move the cursor on any part of the screen. If I then click on any link the subsequent dialogue box opens whenever I hover over any other link. EG If I click on ANT video player on my home page the ant video player dialogue box appears throughout the whole browsing session regardless of how many other links I click on as well as popping up when the cursor is stationary on any part of the page albeit for those few seconds. I'm using FIREFOX 3.0.5 I can't find any related problems on the FF forums.

Grateful for any advice


  birdface 15:08 04 Feb 2009

Go into Firefox update,Version 3.0.6. is there to be downloaded.

Hi buteman.

I have installed Firefox 3.0.6 but problem persists. It doesn't happen in IE7 or Opera so I'm assuming it's not a mouse issue (Logitech cordless optical.) I took out the batteries and reset it just in case but no change. I'm also assuming it's nothing to do with Vista for the same reason.


  Sea Urchin 16:34 04 Feb 2009

You could try disabling tooltips

If you want to disable tooltips in Firefox, start by typing about:config into the address bar. In the list that appears, find An easy way to find it is to start typing browser.chro into the filter box. Once you have found the item, double-click on it to change it from true to false. Now when you are browsing, tooltips should be disabled. Simply double-click again to change things back.

Hello Sea Urchin

Thank you very much. that little tweak has done the trick. I don't know how you folk learn all this stuff but I'm very glad you do.


  Sea Urchin 20:48 04 Feb 2009

Thanks for the feedback - good to know it worked for you.

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