Strange CD-R speeds

  MELT03 22:11 24 Jun 2003


If I stick a 12x CD-R in my 52x drive, it can
write up to 12x. If I stick a 48x CD-R in my drive, it can write up to 48x. But my new 52x CD-Rs won't let me write any higher than 16x!

If I stick a 48x CD-R back in to check, lo and behold, I can write up to 48x speed again.

So why would 52x CD-Rs only let me write at 16x??? It seems to happen no matter what
software I use. I was just hoping to use my 52x drive to the max. It's an ASUS CRW-5224A.

Memorex (the makers of the CD-Rs) say that the 52 speed discs are new and will not be supported by my hardware. They suggest a firmware upgrade, but I have got the latest firmware (end of last month, if I remember rightly).

Could there be another problem that I have overlooked, or will I have to wait for new firmware?

Many thanks in advance!

  powerless 23:07 24 Jun 2003

Try a different brand of CD-R.

  -pops- 06:31 25 Jun 2003

You say it doesn't matter which software you use but, is your software up to date?

As you rightly say, 52x speeds are fairly new. It may be that your software simply doesn't recognise that speed.

Try updating your CD burning software (which is no bad thing to do anyway).


  hoverman 08:40 25 Jun 2003

Earlier this year I had my CD-R drive replaced under warranty. The engineer who called told me that he never uses a speed higher than 16x - the higher you go the more chance of write errors was his comment. Not sure is this absolutely true though.

  toxin 15:35 25 Jun 2003


I had an Asus 5224A had probs with it on installation, subsequently replaced under warranty by Benq 48.

This works perfectly, but like hoverman says if you want to ensure a good recording don't burn above 16X. I have recently transferred my old LP and cassette collection to CDR and now have some 80 CDs, and only produced a couple of failures.


  woodchip 16:05 25 Jun 2003

Don't think 4 speed will make much difference, at the end of the day what's up need to go to the toilet

  -pops- 16:18 25 Jun 2003

I am becoming increasingly mystified by some of the responses on the forum of late.

We have here woodchip wanting to go to the toilet. This morning there was a mention of bendrofluzaide in a thread (which makes you want to go to the toilet) and there have been several others that make no sense to me at all.

Is it me going ga-ga or are others noticing??


  woodchip 16:29 25 Jun 2003

The point I am trying to make is this if you check CDRW reviews you will see that a 48 or 52 speed CDRW will not write all that much faster than a 25 to 32 speed so what's the hurry with the extra 4 speed, Duplicating XP Office or what. Why are so many in so much of an hurry. It's becoming like on the Road, Get out of my way I'm in a hurry

  keith-236785 17:48 25 Jun 2003

when i did a "backup" of my windows98 cd with my old 4 speed cd writer, i set it to 1 speed to make sure it wrote ok.

i agree, what is the rush.

i now have a 32 speed writer but never go above 16 speed.

my car is capable of about 130mph but i dont feel the need to do it.....

  -pops- 18:39 25 Jun 2003

Is that one of these modern expressions then?

Blimey, I'm feeling old if it is. I thought I was pretty well up on modernisms (apart fromt texting) but this has gone beyond me.


  woodchip 18:45 25 Jun 2003

We come from a different generation thankfully

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