Strange boot up problem.

  Alf58 22:58 02 Oct 2007

I switched on today and reached the screen where you click on your name prior to Windows finishing the start up sequence. I clicked on my name and the screen instantly turned black. From the sound of the harddrive I guessed that the PC was starting as normal but there was no display. The Monitor (an LCD) reported it was receiving no signal or the resolution was not set correctly. After a short while the monitor reportedit was going to sleep.

I pressed Ctr Alt Del a couple of times in order to shut down the machine. After a minute or so I switched on again and it booted as normal. Strange.

My system is Win Xp Professional SP2. Pentium 4 2800 ghz, 1gig of ram a Radion 1300 Graphics card less than a year old. Just wondering if my graphics card has developed an intermittent fault. Funny how all was ok till I clicked on my name. Only other detail that may be relevant is that after switching on the machine I left for about 15 minutes so the "name screen" was on the display for a while before I clicked. Dunno if this is relevant.

Any ideas?

  Alf58 23:57 02 Oct 2007


  DJ-Garry 00:12 03 Oct 2007

Up until the point you click on your name the monitor is being run in a very basic mode, not using any of the windows drivers for the monitor or graphics card.
It may have had a problem accessing the driver on windoes startup. You could try uninstalling the drivers for these (one at a time), re-booting and then letting windows frind them again and installing the drivers from disc when prompted or if it loads windows drivers, running the cd after it has finished booting up.

Also might be an idea to uplug the monitor from the G card (when it's turned off of course) and making sure the contacts are clean. Re-fir securely with a gengle wiggle to make sure the plug is square into the socket ond abrase any buildup on the contact joing surfaces.

Doing all that MIGHT just help.

  Alf58 00:23 03 Oct 2007

Thanks for your reply. I'll investigate your ideas particularly regarding the monitor lead although it is very recent (about three months old) as is the monitor. Sounds a bit scarey deleting the drivers. Maybe there are updated Radion drivers I could install they usually release new ones about evey three days.

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