Strange Belkin connectivity issue

  300bhp/ton 13:26 07 May 2007

Hi there,

I've got an issue with my router, its a Belkin ADSL+2 Wireless G-Router (54g I think).

I've 3 PC's connected to it, one hard linked the other two via wireless connection.

The ISP details are on the router so its a live internet connection all the time.

The problem:

I can connect to the internet no problem with all the PC's however I can't access some sites, when you type in the address in iExplorer or click a link it just try's to load and eventually times out displaying a white sceen with the usual Can not connect to website type message.

This happens on quite a few sites, such as Microsfot updates, hotmail and many other websites. The strange thing is I ping the hotmail server and get a reply no problem I just can't use the internet Explorer to navigate to the site.

This happens on ALL 3 PC's so it can't be a local setting and must either be the ISP or the router.

My ISP has had me changing MTU settings but to no avail.

I have also tried deactivating the firewall on the router and have examined all the settings I understand but the problem still persists.

I also have a problem on some websites like on on page it tries to load a *.jsp and all I get is the background the doesn't load, I assume this is related to the problem.

I really would appreciate some help on this and I can provide screenshots of the settings I'm using if it helps.

  brundle 16:58 07 May 2007

Still sounds like MTU, might find this useful;
click here

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