Strange behaviour after Norton Goback update

  Pineman100 15:19 31 Dec 2005

I have had loads of advice from Symantec about this problem - none of it any good.
I run Windows XP SP2. I have run Norton Goback for some time (it's an alternative to the Windows System Restore function). Recently the Symantec Liveupdate service sent me a major update for this program. After applying this update I found that my Windows Theme had changed from the one I normally use (the basic Windows XP theme) to one called "Windows XP (Modified)". It's unpleasant so I changed it back again to Windows XP. Now, whenever I switch on the computer, I never know whether it's going to start up with the standard Windows XP theme or the modified one. Whenever the modified one appears, I change it back to the standard one, but when I next start the computer it may (or may not) be back to the modified one again!
I would delete the modified theme if I could, but in the Control Panel>Appearances & Themes> Change the computer's theme window, the Delete button is greyed out.
I have even uninstalled Norton Goback (I'm not convinced it's any better than the Windows Recovery Console anyway), but this has made no difference.
Anyone got any ideas how I can stop this random theme changing? It's driving me bonkers!
Many thanks.

  Pineman100 16:18 31 Dec 2005


  Pineman100 19:32 02 Jan 2006


  jimv7 19:45 02 Jan 2006

I would be inclined to blame the fault on malware, trojan or a virus.

google for panda online scan and try that.

  jack 19:52 02 Jan 2006

Go back would affect the ;theme' fuction, but I am surprised it works for XP at all - It was designed for Dos systems originally and .making it usable in NT systems with builting recovery seems a bit of a waste of time.
Coming to The themes issue theremust be a way to make a particular theme fixed [default]Investigate it by way o the Help facility in My Computer.

  jack 19:54 02 Jan 2006

Correction I should have triped
GoBack would 'not' affect the themes funtion

  Pineman100 18:33 03 Jan 2006

Interesting observation, Jack. So you think it was purely coincidence that this Themes problem occurred at the time I received the Goback update?
Maybe the fact that I have now uninstalled Goback, and the problem still exists, confirms your theory.
I'll see whether Help can help me, as you suggest.
Meanwhile, anyone else got any ideas, please?

  Pineman100 18:34 03 Jan 2006

I run Norton Internet Security and Microsoft Antispyware (beta). I have run scans in both if them, and they've found nothing.

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