Strange beeping sound when playing games...?

  robbins 16:28 03 Feb 2008

Hello -

I've just bought a new system and whenever I play graphically intensive games - after a certain period I get this high pitched beeping coming from somewhere in the PC.

It doesn't happen at all when browsing the web or doing anything else - it just happens after a while playing FSX and something like World in Conflict. As soon as I quit FSX it stops.

Now I have one of those Atrix cases with the LCD dial on the front which shows info such as alarm temp/fan rpm/ temp etc but it isn't plugged in correctly so doesnt really read anything - I can't tell if the sound is coming from the case itself or some component inside but as I say - it only happens with games/Sims. To the point where you can't play it for it constantly beeping.

My set up is -

Asus PK5 motherboard
2gb Corsair RAM

My monitor is a 21" Gateway - FPD2185W and I did read somewhere else that there may be compatibility issues between this monitor, Vista and Nvidia Drivers. However - There are absolutely no issues with the monitor when not running Sims/Games and it seems completely compatible - there are also no monitor issues when FSX/World in Conflict is running - the screen is fine - I'm running it at 1680/1050 - the highest resolution.

If anyone else has experienced anything like this I'd really appreciate hearing about it or how to solve it.

Many thanks,


  wee eddie 16:32 03 Feb 2008

"Atrix cases with the LCD dial on the front which shows info such as alarm temp/fan rpm/ temp etc but it isn't plugged in correctly so doesn't really read anything"

According to the Specification, that you purchased, should it be connected?

The bleeps sound as if you are overheating. Contact the Vendor asap

  citadel 16:37 03 Feb 2008

could be the 8800 complaining it's not getting enough power as it draws more when playing a intensive graphics game. make sure the power connectors to the card are plgged right in.

  robbins 16:38 03 Feb 2008

Thanks for the response wee eddie,

I bought the PC from a computer fair rather than a high st or internet vender and he is not around anymore - I was going to ask a friend of mine to connect the dial - I'm sure its only a case of connecting it to the mobo - I'm just not sure where.

Do you think its the graphics card over heating?

  wee eddie 16:44 03 Feb 2008

However I am an innocent when it comes to rebuilding. Wait for the experts, meantime check that all the fans are working and going in the correct direction.

What kind of Warranty did he give you?

How did you pay him?

  Marko797 16:45 03 Feb 2008

whilst playing FEAR Perseus Mandate, especially when the grafs were very intense. After lengthy periods of beeping, the game would stall, and the computer would need rebooting. Then I would get "CPU Overtemp, press F1 to continue".

I put it down to my ageing X800 grafs, but in your case this shouldn't be the case at all. Does it happen if you drop resolution and other grafs settings?

If ur dials on the front were connected (why aren't they, by the way, did u self build?), then they might just indicate to you what the problem is.

If ur system is new, then I would be tempted to check with the suppliers and get things checked out thoroughly and not ignore this issue.

  Marko797 16:47 03 Feb 2008

u've answered my query to some extent while I was typing...

  robbins 17:20 03 Feb 2008

Cheers Marko,

What did you do to correct the problem?

I'm running a 520w power supply - I thought this would be enough for the 8800 gtx - just in case that could have been the problem.

I might have done something really stupid but when I bought it - the guy did say he didn't properly know how to fix up the dial on the atrix case but I said to him don't worry about it as I've got a friend of mine who is au fait with PC's and he'll do it for me - I just havn't got round to it yet. To be honest I don't think its the dial - its just for show really.

I'm going to try turning some settings down now - just to try and guage where the issue is coming from - - ta..

  mrwoowoo 19:56 03 Feb 2008

Me thinks for some reason the graphics card is overheating.
If in xp, To see the temps, go to Control Panel > Display > Settings >
Advanced > select the nVidia 8800 Tab > Additional Properties
Even if you are quick the temp will have dropped at least 4degrees by the time you look though so bare this in mind.

  brundle 19:59 03 Feb 2008

Run Speedfan, enable CPU temp logging, refer to the temperature graph after playing a game or two. click here

  dagwoood 20:17 03 Feb 2008

Further to brundle's above post, you can also monitor the GPU temp with SpeedFan; IIRC it's labeled as Core.

robbins, you say you have a 520w PSU, what make is it?

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