gidster 07:46 05 Apr 2008

ive recently had a replacement laptop a acer 5720 travelmate everything is fine but the internet signal in the task bar on the bottom right says im disconnected from the internet and so does the acer internet managment bar, it say theres no available wi-fi connections,and WLAN dissconnected,but the strange thing is i can connect to the internet, i recently put on virgin pc guard and im sure it worked fine before that.
any help would be great


  jack 08:29 05 Apr 2008

Is to remove Virgin PC Guard for starters -simply to prove that this is/not the problem.
Remember also the various protection devices work only in isolation
That is one Anti virus, one Fire Wall etc.
doubling up anywhere will lead to problems .

  gidster 09:15 05 Apr 2008

yes its working know that ive took virgin pc guard off but i really like that program is there any settings to make it work,plus the internet was a bit unstable. should i get norton?or go for the free stuff and whats the best with vista?

  johnnyrocker 09:18 05 Apr 2008

i would look for firewall type settings in virgin guard ie config permissions etc? it sound similar to setting up allowables in ZA for example, not familiar with virgin pack etc so cannot help any further sorry.


  jack 10:27 05 Apr 2008

Look at
Windows Firewall
Make sure it off.


As for Free stuff - versions of
Zone Alarm
Lots of it out there
You will get the basic versions for free of course-
More features start costing.

Just because you like a program is no criteria.
Does it work with the rest of your stuff?
Everything has a learning curve.
Simply put together a package the keeps the machine stable.
Then learn to use it.
And don't forget only one of each

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