Chegs ® 11:58 30 Sep 2005

I have an ADSL Gateway connecting my desktop via USB and my Laptop via RJ45.My ADSL is 2Mbs,and I'm happy with my ISP's behaviour(no dropouts,significant slowdowns,etc)Lastnight,I ventured on to a speedtest site,and was quite surprised at its verdict.

Desktop(USB 1.1) = 1.5Mbs

Desktop(RJ45) = 1.5Mbs

Laptop = 512Kbs

Regardless of which site I went to,the best the laptops PCM card could produce was 512Kbs.

Why would it behave in this fashion?

How can I rectify this?

Both the RJ45 connectors are "Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC" in Device Manager,my desktops XP Home,the laptops 98se.

  mgmcc 13:38 30 Sep 2005

If you are using a router, there is only one connection to the internet and that is the router's, so the INTERNET connection must be the same for all. What can vary is the speed at which the network connections between PCs and router run, although these should be well above the speed of the broadband connection. PCMCIA and PCI should be running at 100Mbps and USB 1.1 at up to 12Mbps.

The results you have obtained don't appear to make much sense.

  Chegs ® 14:03 30 Sep 2005

Thats why I titled my post as "Strange?" as I knew it didn't make sense. ;-)

I just checked the speeds on my daughters desktop,even with my desktop loading webpages and listening to an online radio station,her PC returned a speedtest of 1.7Mbs from the same site I was on last night.

I presume therefore,that its a PCM card driver issue.As the PCM card in the Laptop's an "unknown" brand bought from a PC fair(cheaply)it didn't come with any drivers,Aida32 stated it was a "Token-Ring adaptor" but none of these drivers would allow its use.I used XP(installed on a 233Mhz+64Mb RAM laptop,it was dog slow but gave me the info to locate a driver) to find out its driver,its unable to install if I use the earlier "Realtek RTL8129" driver off the 98se CD.

  mgmcc 18:17 30 Sep 2005

I have Windows 98 drivers for a "Realtek RTL8139/810X Family PCI fast Ethernet NIC" (which is actually a PCMCIA card in my Toshiba laptop) if you want to try them.

Email me if you want a copy.

  Chegs ® 18:32 30 Sep 2005

Thanks mate,INCOMING!

  Chegs ® 23:21 30 Sep 2005

Thats the 1st time I've seen that "Dropload" system,its handy so I've added it to my Fav's,and joined for future use.
Thank You for the driver.I will give it a try later,once my daughters finished for the night on her PC.

  mgmcc 23:22 30 Sep 2005

Driver files (two ZIP files) have been sent via "".

  Chegs ® 23:24 30 Sep 2005

Just got 2nd,thanks.

  Chegs ® 23:46 30 Sep 2005

Installed it on the laptop,its exactly the same driver as the one I had located from the net,same date,etc.I have now to give it a whirl on a speedtest,see if it has made any difference.

Only the 233Mhz lappy takes forever to load onto a desktop,with it running AVG/MSN Messenger/Laptop CFG utility/Battery status,etc in the systray.I might get round to disabling some of them at startup one of these days. :-)

  Chegs ® 00:58 01 Oct 2005

It has been a real pig,the NIC installed in device manager but carried an f10 error,I removed the driver and rebooted and 98 choose to install a "Microsoft TV adapter" in its place.Then the laptop ran out of IRQ's,umpteen restarts later,I reinstalled the original driver I had click here and will now try another speedtest.

  Chegs ® 01:08 01 Oct 2005

DriverVer = 03/04/2005,5.621.0304.2005

This is my drivers date,I thought it was the same as yours,but mine appears to be a newer version.

The result of the speedtest was now 216KB/sec,with my desktop still running a browser+ streamed radio.So,if nothing else,reinstalling my driver has given back the speed comparable to any other PC connected to my Gateway.Shame I'm going to have to fight with a Wireless Router cfg anytime soon. :-)

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