A story of a Linux Installation - Why not try it?

  powerless 13:30 04 Mar 2003

Tools Required – One Broadband line, 3GB of free disc space, A CD Burner, 3 CD-R discs, An FTP Client…

Time Required – 12 Hours (in this case)

Why try this? – Its an alternative to Windows (Who knows, you may like it)

Once upon a time (well 20 years or so) there was “Windows” a computer operating system that people from all around the world knew and loved but also HATED. Then came along a contender called LINUX and gave people an alternative…(oh there is also MAC)

First of all this is free and is available if you click here I would advise you read all of what you can especially at click here

Here’s my story…

You have to download what are known as “ISO IMAGES” Following the instructions from the website I proceeded to download the 3 ISO IMAGES…

psyche-i386-disc1.iso - 644 MB

psyche-i386-disc2.iso - 635 MB

psyche-i386-disc3.iso - 646 MB

I used an FTP Client “Fresh Download” was my choice but there are many others. click here

Simply put the address of the file in Fresh download, and then you are given a username and password prompt which you will have to enter and then let it download the image of 650MB.

For Example…

ftp: // ftp red hat. com /pub/redhat/linux/8.0/en/iso/i386/psyche-i386-disc1.iso

Press “OK”

Username and Password Prompt…

…Enter the username and password

Press “OK”

…and away she goes!

I downloaded the 3 ISO IMAGES together which took a total of eleven hours, Yes 11 Hours…

When I checked with the two little icons in the taskbar, I had downloaded just over 2Gigabytes of data. I think I went a little crazy with the bandwidth. I was surfing and I also downloaded a few other files at the same time, Whoops.

You can also download MD5SUM this is a file checker (recommended). It will make sure that the images you have downloaded are of the exact same size of that on the download server. I didn’t download this and decided to take a gamble…

After 11 hours it was time to “Burn” the images to a CD. I used Nero to do this click here

Simply pop in a CD-R Disc and open up Nero. Then go to File > Burn Image > Select the File > Then you can go onto burn the image to the CD. Once the image is on the CD you can explore the CD and you can see the folders and files of Linux. You should end up with 3 CD-R’s.

I wanted to install Linux on the old computer with the following specification.

Pentium II 350MHz

256 SDRAM (PC133)

3GB HDD – Not partitioned

8MB On board Graphics

Start the computer up and insert Disc 1. My computer was already set to BOOT from the CD so no changes were needed within the BIOS.

Give it a few minutes and you will be presented with a “Check Media” Screen this will check the CD to make sure they are “ok”. It will also perform the file check that the “MD5SUM” performs. All 3 CD-R’s PASSED.

Then click Install…

You’ll have to answer a few questions so Linux knows what to do and what do install.

It’s very simple to do just read the help file on the left side of the screen and you can’t go wrong.

Eventually you will get to the actual install. Where information is copied from CD to the hard drive, it took about 40 minutes and my installation only required two CD’s. It depends want you want to be installed for the use of Disc 3.

Then you can log on (like windows) and there is the Linux Desktop…

I’m still learning it as I only installed it last night.

But it has me very interested.

If you meet the “Tools required” at the start of this then why not give it go?

Linux has been talked about on here before. But here my little story to tell…
If you already have Linux, any tips?

Please Note - I installed Linux on an old computer…I haven’t yet decided if I want to install alongside with Windows XP…

The end.

click here for some screenshots of what you will see.

Oh you can also buy Linux.

If your on 56K i wouldnt even think of attempting the download.

  Pesala 13:34 04 Mar 2003

Sounds almost as easy as installing Windows XP (*_*)

  powerless 13:36 04 Mar 2003

It is, its very easy to install. Oh and you have colour install screens ;-)

Not Blue like XP.

  billyliv 14:11 04 Mar 2003

Hi Powerless, I have started assembling another computer, just awaiting delivery of several items. When it is complete I will certainly give it a go. Cheers, Bill

  zanwalk 14:31 04 Mar 2003

for those who do not have access to Broadband, a couple of links to where to purchase Linux reasonably:

click here

click here

Also links to useful Linux sites for those who wish to know more:

click here

click here

  powerless 20:04 04 Mar 2003


  graham 20:22 04 Mar 2003

I'm tempted to have a go, will it instal alongside XP. I only have one computer, still under warranty. If I set a restore point will that be sufficient in an emergency?

  powerless 20:26 04 Mar 2003

umm...it can install alongside XP. Restore point may not work as you can mess the MBR which maens XP throw a fit.

I havnt dont the alongside bit yet so one day..

So umm no i dont think it will...

edstow - BACKUP!

  powerless 20:27 04 Mar 2003

me spilling :-(

  zanwalk 20:44 04 Mar 2003

As long as you make another partition to install Linux to, and make sure that you don't install the Linux bootloader (LILO) to the MBR you will be fine and System Restore will work with your XP as normal, it won't, of course, work on Linux at all. If you need more help post back and we will point you to more info.

Drive Image and Partition Magic are very useful, though not essential, tools for instances like this.

  graham 20:50 04 Mar 2003

Thanks, I think I will sleep on it (the lilo not the Linux) :-)

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