Storing/transfering photos from camera

  daisy2bell 14:18 18 Jan 2007

I've got a fuji finepix digi camera. Now when I go on my holidays, is there a gadget ( some kind of storage device) that will allow me to transfer my photos to. I don't particulary want to take my laptop.

  john-232317 14:24 18 Jan 2007

You can buy spare memory cards, or if you take it to a camera shop they will put them on a cd for you.

  exdragon 14:25 18 Jan 2007

click here

Have a look at the Epson P2000, it takes CF, SC cards and Multimedia cards, but you can use others if you get an adapter. It's great, about the size of a paperback, brilliant large screen

  Kate B 14:31 18 Jan 2007

If you've got an iPod, you can get the iPod camera connector for £19. Your USB cable plugs into one end of it, and the other plugs in to the dock and it sucks your pictures in from the memory card to store on the iPod. Simple and very useful. I don't know if other MP3 players have similar gadgets but I imagine they must do.

  Gongoozler 14:35 18 Jan 2007

This is another device designed for the job click here

  Gongoozler 14:41 18 Jan 2007

........... now available with 80G storage click here

  daisy2bell 14:46 18 Jan 2007

Thanks guys.

Kate B
I will be getting an ipod video soon, so that hopefuly will be the soloution.

  daisy2bell 07:11 19 Jan 2007

Kate B
I have more questions re the iPod camera connector
I need the camera software on the computer, obviously I cannot load software on the iPod camera connector , so would this still work.

Still images are in JPEG (Exif ver 2.2)
Would the iPod camera connector be able to do the same with video clips? These are in the AVI format,motion JPEG

  golfpro 08:27 19 Jan 2007

If you do get a portable storage device, make sure it has a previewing screen, it is possible that some of your photos could get corrupted during the transfer. Also constantly transferring Pictures from your camera to a storage unit without a mains supply for both units, can use up battery power at an alarming rate. All this gear could weigh more than your laptop.
I find it much better, lighter and cheaper to take three or four 1Gb cards with me, you can always view your pics on the camera.

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