Storing printer cartridges

  Jackcoms 15:46 17 Jul 2006

My elder daughter is at home from University at the moment and won't be using her printer again (Dell 720) until late September.

What's the best way to stop the ink cartridges from clogging?

Leave them in the printer in the hot house, remove them and store them in the fridge or something else?

  Pamy 15:54 17 Jul 2006

HiJackcoms, I do not know what the best way is but, I have left mine in the printer and they seam to work OK after many months of none usage.

  Batch 16:01 17 Jul 2006

Seems to vary with printer and/or cartridge.

I have an Epson printer and it needs to be used every few days to stop it clogging (same with both Epson and compatible cartridges).

  Gongoozler 16:04 17 Jul 2006

If I'm right in thinking that the Dell 720 cartridges have the printhead incorporated in them like the HP, then they are unlikely to suffer from being unused for a time. It's printers like Epsons with the printhead separate from the cartridge that suffer. Don't remove the cartridge from the printer, the printer parks the head with a seal over the nozzles. Keeping the printer as cool as possibe will help though.

  Stuartli 16:05 17 Jul 2006

I use my Epson R300 with compatible cartridges on an occasional basis, perhaps once every few days to print off a page or two of text, or abut once a month to print photographs.

It sits on my desk, is switched on as and when required, and has never failed to work as it should.

It was the same with my previous Canon BJC600e which I had for 10 years.

  Jackcoms 16:13 17 Jul 2006

"If I'm right in thinking that the Dell 720 cartridges have the printhead incorporated in them"

Yep, you're perfectly correct, although keeping anything 'cool' at the moment is nigh on impossible! ;-(

I suspect it may also be worthwhile running off a couple of multi-coloured pages of text every so often to give the cartridges a workout.

  spuds 16:25 17 Jul 2006

I think that you will find the Dell printer is actually a re-badged Lexmark.The cartridges have a Dell modification of an additional lug, so preventing Lexmark cartridges fitting (can be re-modified).

I leave my Lexmark for considerable times, and they always seem to work fine, when used again.

If they prove troublesome, you could try these methods. (1)Remove cartridge, place in strong polythene bag, then give a couple of arm length swings.(2)Remove cartridge, place in strong polythene bag, place in saucer/container of small amount of warm water, remove after a couple minute or so, shake cartridge slightly.

If you attempt the above, watch out for any leaks, and be extremely careful.

  Jackcoms 16:57 17 Jul 2006

I like it!

I'll give it a try because black is proving rather streaky at the moment and yellow is non-existent.

Both cartridges are more than half full and I've run 'clean' several times and re-aligned the print/cartridge heads.

To be honest at £15+ each for compatibles from Choice I'm rather loathe to buy replacements at the moment (I've more than enough other University-related expenses) ;-((

  Stuartli 18:07 17 Jul 2006

A full set of six compatible cartridges for my Epso R300 cost approximately £4 plus p and P (I order three or more sets at a time to make the most of the p and p) from:

click here (!)

  Stuartli 18:09 17 Jul 2006

They are branded Sumvision (of MP3 players fame) but appear to be the same rebadged cartridges as other low cost cartridges from e-Bay etc.

It's a lot cheaper than forking out £70 or so for the genuine Epson cartridges and more than suit my purposes.

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