Storing passwords

  myanmarboy 19:36 02 Apr 2009

With Internet Banking/Saving etc, I have built up quite a collection of Passwords/Usernames and Personal Information. I cannot possibly remember it all and have had to write it into a p/w protected spreadsheet which I have copied to a small flash-drive. The original I then deleted from my PC.
In an attempt to improve my security I have recently installed Truecrypt onto my PC but am having problems understanding it. I have dragged and dropped "test files" to the container but these just open like a normal file when I clock on the them and I can't see where or how they are encrypted. What I really want to do is put my spreadsheet into two different flashdrives (one as a reserve against loss) and know that no-one else can access the info. Can someone help me please.

  bionicle 20:58 02 Apr 2009

Have a read of the beginners tutorial at click here
By following the steps you will then be able to create an encrypted folder which is password protected. Sounds like so far you have not been successful in creating an encrypted folder.

For a simpler solution, you might want to try downloading click here

  brundle 01:09 03 Apr 2009

Simpler to use Keepass or similar. Put the resulting .kdb file wherever you like, Keepass itself can be run from a flash drive too. click here

Truecrypt isn't really the tool for saving a single small file in an encrypted form.

Must admit I'd never heard of Lockbox mentioned above, very handy.

  BT 08:40 03 Apr 2009

After losing my file with my PINs etc. I went back to old fashioned technology and bought a small notebook.

  wee eddie 11:11 03 Apr 2009

is in My Pics, one of my many Folders of Holiday Pictures. I have placed each Password onto a separate .jpg file.

I have KeePass for Day to Day use

  Clapton is God 11:22 03 Apr 2009

I've listed all mine on an Excel spreadsheet and that spreadsheet is stored on two separate password-protected USB pen drives, NOT on the PC

  myanmarboy 13:34 03 Apr 2009

Many thanks for all the responses. I agree that Truecrypt was perhaps a bit ott for my purpose. I will trial each of the suggestions above and decide which suits me best.
Just one more question, if I only ever view the spreadsheet from a USB pen drive is there any way that anyone else can ever see it. I have heard that a temporary file could be left on my pc after using the drive. Is this true?

  Clapton is God 13:51 03 Apr 2009

"I have heard that a temporary file could be left on my pc after using the drive. Is this true?"


But in any event if you regularly use click here to rid your PC of all the crap, that's a belt and braces approach.

  myanmarboy 18:24 03 Apr 2009

Many thanks Clapton. It's good to have another myth taken care of. I have used CC cleaner for some time so it's also good to know that I have my belt on as well as my braces. Thanks again.

  the hick 09:07 04 Apr 2009

I sort of 'encrypted' all my PINs by adding the same memorable six-figure number to all of them. For example, if a birthday is 31 Dec 1974, just add 311274, or reverse it 472113, add to PIN, gives six-fig. PIN's which should confuse most folks if they find them. However, passwords are bit more difficult, I might try Keepass. Could also use a Vigenere cipher if wish to keep it on paper, rather than PC!

Really, keeping any sort of pwd file is a risk. Think if someone got your PC/file they could then spend hours trying to hack in whilst you are frantically trying (2 weeks later when you return from hols) to change all your passwords!

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