Storage on a Laptop

  5starred 20:45 01 Apr 2012

Can anyone please help me and tell me where there is so little space left on my laptop. It is an Acer Aspire 5710 running Windows Vista SP 1, 32 bit, 1.0 GB RAM, 9.16 of 64.7GB space but the only real thing of usage is Itunes which equates to around 16GB. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

  Nontek 21:11 01 Apr 2012

Your OS, Vista, for a start will take up approximately 20Gb of hard drive space. The Graphics will also take a slice, as of course will your other programs in addition to iTunes.

I am a little surprised also that you can run Vista with only 1Gb RAM without problems.

I am guessing that your overall Hard Drive capacity is 80Gb, very little indeed by todays standards.

  5starred 21:26 01 Apr 2012

Ok thanks for that just wondered really. To be honest it isn't great and it's very slow think I will upgrade the RAM to the 4GB max.

Maybe that is why SP1 will not update to SP2 because of lack of space, who knows?

  Les28 21:38 01 Apr 2012

You could try reducing the amount of hard drive free space that Vista by default reserves for System Restore

enter link description here

enter link description here

and maybe reduce the default allocation for the recycle bin

enter link description here

Have you run something like Ccleaner to tidy up your hard drive, or windows own Disk Clean program?

Another 1GB of RAM would improve performance for Vista, however your system Page File would probably increase then as well reducing the amount of free space.

enter link description here

  bionicle 21:46 01 Apr 2012

You could download and run to see whats taking up the space and then decide if you want to delete it.

  Les28 22:09 01 Apr 2012

If you run something like TreeSize or Windirstat you'll probably find System Restore will show up as System Volume Information folder and Page File will show as Pagefile.sys, these are normally hidden system files that you wouldn't see, unless you chose to show hidden files and show system files, and can account for having less free space than you can normally account for.

Unwise to play with Pagefile.sys but as mentioned earlier reducing Windows default cache size for system restore can free up some drive space.

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