Stopping Windows 'Warning'

  peterleemaxwell 15:27 26 Jan 2009

I use a pirate copy of windows XP pro. This has been badly running for awhile now but can be lived with as I have a laptop with a genuine version. I use it for anything the desktop will not do. The desktop has lost some of it's registry. The main strings being the printer. This has the effect of every time I open a programme a warning pops up.
(Spooler Subsystem App). I have tried a 'wipe-over' which did not work. (SP1). I now just want to stop these warnings and I am not bothered about a full fix. I could of course help the bank account of Bill Gates. (I have over the years bought enough of his software legally. (95+98+XP home -Works, all retail). Any suggestions? Thanks.

  tullie 15:35 26 Jan 2009

Not very bright saying you are using pirated software.

  peterleemaxwell 15:39 26 Jan 2009

OK tullie, Just being honest. How many others have used or use pirated software. Didn't realise. Maybe more will with the credit crunch ongoing.

  crosstrainer 15:41 26 Jan 2009

Yes, you can stop the error messages.

By purchasing a legal copy like the rest of us.

  Zaphod 3 15:42 26 Jan 2009


I am sorry but if you cannot say anything constructive, can you please say nothing at all.

I obviously cannot speak for others, however I for one am becoming irritated at your attempts to police the forums or become the FE's gatekeeper.

Believe me the FE is perfectly capable of looking after himself.

  Zaphod 3 15:44 26 Jan 2009

crosstrainer's advice is good. I was in no way condoning the use of pirated software.

  peterleemaxwell 15:47 26 Jan 2009

OK I have used this forum many times and been helped with some very helpful friendly people that have given their time freely. Without them I would have suffered. To them many thanks.
crosstrainer and tullie, people like you are not Representative of this forum, but for the sake of this forum I withdraw the question.

  rick808 15:58 26 Jan 2009

To be fair to crosstrainer and tullie it does state very clearly in the T&C you agree to when you sign up here not to discuss these sort of things.

As you say there are many very helpful, friendly people on the forum, but do you think they would all still be willing to help if they had to sift through hundreds of posts by people wanting cracks/workarounds etc that you see on so many other forums?

  tullie 16:03 26 Jan 2009

What on earth are you talking about,you critise me but agree with Crosstrainer!If you had half a brain you would realise that we cant comment on illegal software.

  Zaphod 3 16:17 26 Jan 2009

Tullie I suggest you PM me.

  Zaphod 3 16:34 26 Jan 2009

You just flamed someone, at least Crosstrainer justified his comment. If you had a brain at all you would have spotted that.

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