Stopping language bar

  Madscot_uk 21:09 10 May 2006

This isn't major but it is becoming a bit annoying, every time i boot my PC the language bar shows up on the taskbar. Right click and untick the box, is only in effect until i next reboot the machine.

Is there any other way of setting what does and doesn't load into the taskbar on setup, or making the changes in right click options permanent?


  terryf 21:16 10 May 2006

Have you been into Control Panel>Regional and Language and set all to english UK and removed English US?

  Totally-braindead 21:17 10 May 2006

Is the taskbar locked?

  Madscot_uk 21:23 10 May 2006

Yes it was set to english when i installed windows, but when investigating the settings within i clicked on details and then Language bar. One of the settings was "show language bar on desktop" and was ticked, i have unticked it and will reboot to see what happens.

Totally, yes it is.


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