Stopping ipod starting up.

  BrownBoy 15:47 14 Jan 2005

My wife and I have seperate logins on our XP PC. When she logs in first, the ipod software starts up. When I log in or switch user, it won't let me access itunes and asks me to log off the other user. It's my ipod and my wife doesn't use it. Does anyone know how I can tell her login not to access the ipod software?

  recap 15:51 14 Jan 2005

Was the iPod software installed when you were logged in or your wife. If it was your wife then this is the reason as the software needs to be installed in your account.

  BrownBoy 16:03 14 Jan 2005

No, it was loaded on my account. (I'm an administrator). Basically I only want any ipod software on my account. It doesn't seem to be running on hers when I look at her task manager. Strangly, only the main window appears in "task manager" in her account. All the tabs are missing.

  Upgrader 16:05 14 Jan 2005

I have this problem and the easiest solution is to log the other user off. They can log on afterwards if necessary. Logging off and on again is only a few seconds longer than switching users.

  BrownBoy 16:50 14 Jan 2005

Thanks upgrader. I've been doing that, but as my wife is usually working on the PC during the day, it's inconvenient for her to keep having to save her work. She's an accountant with quite a few programmes running at the same time. BTW, I've found the tabs! Double clicking in the task manager hides/restores them.

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