stopping dodgy emails

  lindy 10:59 08 Apr 2004


For some reason or other I seem to be getting a lot of dodgy emails [you know the kind] which I don't want. I've tried blocking them by including details in block sender but they still get through. I have a Firewall [Freedom Security] but I can't see anywhere on that as to how to block [although you can block a packet log which I have tried].

Any other suggestions I seem to be getting about a dozen a day [or it seems like it]. Any help would be appreciated.


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:12 08 Apr 2004

You could set up a message rule to send all mail to the deleted items folder all mail from a specified account,not very good if you only have the one account mind u.Unless you like sorting thru them, thats why i set up a web addy for junk then i collect that thru OE with a rule set to delete and just look in and if there is anything i wont i send it to another folder.Another way is spampal click here ive used this before and it a good app.


  paddyjack 11:12 08 Apr 2004

join the club but look on this posting click here there are a number of programs that will do the job to some extent or other.

Oh the joys of email

  georgemac 13:10 08 Apr 2004

I was using mailwasher which allows you to block and delete emails on the webserver before they get to your pc and it is very good at it's job.

However, I now feel once a spammer has your address, even mailwasher is a waste of time because they change the address they send from too often, and managing your email becomes too time consuming.

I am with NTL dial up, and have created a new address to hopefully get round the problem. I also got in touch with NTL via email and they will let me change my username over the phone which will also change the main email account.

I have been told to avoid putting my name in my email address and to use letters & numbers, so the spammers cannot get it. I hope this will work!

  lindy 19:03 08 Apr 2004

Your response is great - I've downloaded from - I'll see how it works.

Once again thanks for your help


  dewskit 19:33 08 Apr 2004


Just a thought ... if you do not have any contacts in USA, check if your anti SPAM program will auto delete any messages originating there.
I've done this with Spampal and it works like magic!


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