Stopping dialiers downloading

  Rhuddlan 20:23 24 Aug 2004

I recieved my BT phone bill this morning to find Premium rate numbers which I don't know anything about!!! I haven't been on any porngraphic websites or downloaded any such images etc, my son and his friends do use the comp and I have noticed from the history that he does on occassions visit porn sites, but I have never known him to download anything, I have plenty of security etc. As he doesn't live with me, I didn't see any point in creating an account for him, so he uses mine, which is the only account on the comp. I have found that these numbers on the phone bill ARE porn websites and dialiers being downloaded and costing me a fortune, I haven't yet asked him or his friends about it, I won't see him until tomz so will give him a b******ing then!!!! So just basically want to know how to stop dialiers being downloaded in the first place, or would it be better creating a limited account for him and this would stop him???

  stalion 20:27 24 Aug 2004

one way to stop them is to go on broadband

  Magik ®© 20:27 24 Aug 2004

this one is the best, it is in german, but will download in english

click here

  Valvegrid 20:28 24 Aug 2004

Sometimes difficult to stop them downloading, but at least you can stop them dialling out till they can be removed by installing this program:

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:29 24 Aug 2004

Spywareblaster click here also blocks alot of dialers

  Mikè 20:32 24 Aug 2004

Valvegrid's option is the better as it's free, the German program is now shareware. The previous free version doesn't work correctly work under SP2.

  Rhuddlan 20:36 24 Aug 2004

Thanks for the replies, I have broadband from Wanadoo already, have scanned the comp with ad aware, spybot and i have spywareblaster, all updated. I also have NIS 2003 and VAN 2003 again these programs are up to date too. I will have a go at one of the programs suggested, thanks again for the info, I would be very grateful with any further advice etc Kind regards, Rhuddlan.

  Valvegrid 20:40 24 Aug 2004

If you are on BB, unplug the modem and only plug it when you need to use it, that will stop the diallers in their tracks.

  Mikè 20:41 24 Aug 2004

If these numbers are being dialed by the computer (and you are on broadband), then uninstall your dialup modem problem solved.

  Mikè 20:42 24 Aug 2004

One minute to slow.

  Valvegrid 20:46 24 Aug 2004

"One minute to slow"

It doesn't matter, just shows we're all thinking along the same lines :-)

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