Stop users using firefox.

  nath2603 13:07 24 Sep 2007

How do i stop users veiw site with firefox, we user IE and we have a firewall which blocks a large number of site. but when they use firefox it gets around this! How do stop these site being veiwed?

  tullie 13:08 24 Sep 2007

Uninstall Firefox

  nath2603 13:12 24 Sep 2007

Unfortunately i work in a school and the children install firefox on a memory stick and run it directly from it. so unstalling is not posible.

  JayDay 13:25 24 Sep 2007

Set up your firewall so it doesn't allow Firefox to access to the net?

  nath2603 13:39 24 Sep 2007

How do i find out which ports firefox is using so i can block them

  Technotiger 13:47 24 Sep 2007

I am intrigued, what harm is there in using Firefox? It is only a browser just like Internet Explorer.

  Technotiger 13:47 24 Sep 2007

PS - only Better!

  nath2603 13:51 24 Sep 2007

I work in a school so obviously we need to block a large number of site. Our fire wall blocks them when the user is using IE but when they use fire fox it doesn't block the sites. I don't necessarily need them to stop using firefox if there is a way to block the same sites in IE and firefox.

  spras 13:51 24 Sep 2007

just let them do it, if they were smart enough to get round your censorship methods then they deserve to be able to view what they want.

  EARLR 13:55 24 Sep 2007

the little buggers are getting into places you don´t want them to.
Try blocking at the server.

Good Luck

  tullie 13:56 24 Sep 2007 speerross

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