Stop remove Microsoft Messenger. How please.

  LAP 11:05 14 Jun 2008

I am having problems with my Broadband (another story). Before doing a speed check using ‘Bt Broadband Desktop Help’ the menu shows that Microsoft Messenger is running.

This I have deleted a long time ago(or I thought so) as I have no use for it. I cannot find it by searching etc.

My question is: Is it running? If so how do I stop/remove it?

Thank you.

  VoG II 11:09 14 Jun 2008
  LAP 11:32 14 Jun 2008

Thanks very much VoG™. Just did another speed check no mention of Microsoft Messenger. Thank you very much.

p.s as you are on line I am now going to create another thread about Outlook Express. Would appreciate your help. Thank you.

  LAP 11:46 14 Jun 2008

My wife and I have a computer each, they are not linked in anyway apart from sharing Broadband via wireless.

We like using OutLook Express and when she sent an email the other day it appears to have 'got stuck' and the error message x0800CCC90 continually appears. At present she can send emails BUT NOT receive them. She can view incoming mail via BT Yahoo.

There is no problem with my Outlook Express

I have searched the web and numerous sites which mention this problem, to which I have got nowhere.

Can I wipe OutLook Express off her computer and start again? And will this solve the problem? I have saved all her messages and address book.

Or is there another way? Thank you.

  LAP 11:48 14 Jun 2008

SORRY about this it was supposed to be in a separate thread which I will now create

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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