Stop messenger on startup - Vista

  Seadog 10:35 17 Jun 2009

A friend has just bought a new Dell laptop, with Vista os. Everytime it starts up the windows live messenger 'sign in' window pops up onto the screen.
My friend is finding this annoying having to close this every time.

Is there a way that she can disable this?
(I use Xp and don't know much about Vista)


  Zeppelyn 11:45 17 Jun 2009

Its the same for both, select Tools then options and then select Sign In on the right hand side, take tick out of Automativally Sign In when Messenger starts.

  Seadog 12:00 17 Jun 2009

From what menu do I select 'tools - options'?

Sorry, but I do not have messenger on my Xp pc at all. I can't remember if I actually installed it when I built the pc! Or maybe I removed it - I can't remember. Old age playing tricks again.

Thanks again.

  tullie 12:17 17 Jun 2009

Tell you friend to go through the options himself,he should find it easy.

  birdface 14:02 17 Jun 2009

He means messenger Tools.Options.sign in.

  Seadog 14:23 17 Jun 2009

Thanks Buteman

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