stop google suggestions

  march 08:39 24 Nov 2010

for some reason google has changed & brings up suggested sites as I type I had this disabled under preferences but that option is no longer there, how do I turn off it please?

  gengiscant 09:00 24 Nov 2010

Go to search settings, top right hand corner, and change things there.

  march 09:05 24 Nov 2010

have tried that but under search settings the only options you get are

Google Instant
Use Google Instant — predictions and results appear while typing
Do not use Google Instant

there use to be a selection

do not use suggested sites, that is no longer there

  gengiscant 09:15 24 Nov 2010

Try this.
Tab bar Tools - Manage Addons - Search providers -Google search.Right click and click Disable Suggestions.

  march 09:20 24 Nov 2010

no i'm afraid it didnt work

  lotvic 09:56 24 Nov 2010

how do I turn it off:
"Do not use Google Instant"

a quick way to do it is by clicking on the 'Instant is on' next to the word 'SEARCH' to the right of where you type in box.

  march 10:06 24 Nov 2010

hiya lotvic

my google page does not come up with 'search' at the side & I have search settings to not use google instant

the suggestions did not appear yesterday & my homepage is set to

click here

  lotvic 10:19 24 Nov 2010

You do it on the next page after it has come up with the first lot of results.

  lotvic 10:22 24 Nov 2010

By the way I have mine set to and not .com but having tried it out it is the same setting on both.

  march 10:26 24 Nov 2010

see what you mean I went to the 2nd page & it already says 'instant is off'

any other ideas please

  lotvic 10:43 24 Nov 2010

<it already says 'instant is off' >
so then what happens when you further type in the search box?

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