Stop Error..innaccessible-boot-device.ouch.!

  technoidea 19:32 01 Jun 2006

whilst attempting to play a winamp,comp,froze,on restart,as windows loads,stop error message appears..Innaccessible boot.
1,file was from file share site.
2,how can i get past stop message. working on 2000Pro..tried last known configure,still stop.
3,will not load in safe there anything i could try..,,thank u for your help..
think i may have a cold... flu... no ,,Virus.

  skidzy 22:33 01 Jun 2006

Firstly run your updated AV ! When downloading any file,think of scanning it with your AV before opening.

  DieSse 00:21 02 Jun 2006

Clearly you can't run your AV program if you can't boot into Windows.

What you can do, and I've done this many times successfully on systems, is take out the drive - put it into a friends system that has an up to date AV, and scan it with their AV. Then at least you'll know whether it's due to a virus or not.

  skidzy 06:53 02 Jun 2006

DieSse i should have made myself clearer,i meant to say after downloading scan the file before opening..
My mistake,i did not read the question properly,sorry if i have mislead you technoidea.

But as ive said,it is good practice to scan all files from p2p sites before opening.

  DieSse 10:29 02 Jun 2006

*But as ive said,it is good practice to scan all files from p2p sites before opening.*

That's certainly good advice - though any half decent AV program should do that anyway.

  technoidea 20:22 02 Jun 2006

thank you,DieSse,skidzy.i agree .an av .im using updated.p2p,is limewire....i like the idea of.taking drive out and useing av,of host comp..could i use my own ,this one..the drive is dismantled from said comp.i have two drives on this comp could i chang drives over,then reboot.would i have conflict issues.please av usually picks up viruses,when download starts .giving the chance of problem started when i tried to play a winamp..

  terryf 20:35 02 Jun 2006

Surely, you won't be able to boot from your 2nd drive unless you have full os installed on it and I wouldn't swap drives and try to install windows if you think you have a virus

  technoidea 21:00 02 Jun 2006

i understand ,terryf i would likely spread problem through this system.sounds like a shop job would you say..

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