! Stop Error Problem !

  scooby43 20:29 14 Jan 2003
  scooby43 20:29 14 Jan 2003

Hi all

I have quite a serious with my other hard drive which at the moment I have a 8gb which thankfuly is enabling me to get on and be able to write this message well I have developed a problem yesterday when I was using my 20gb hard drive and then I was wanting to put in my 8gb one by taking out the IDE cable from my 20gb and put it into the 8gb which I am now using as primary thinking I could install windows which I did but however when I decided to go back to my 20gb half way through the boot up sequence I recive a Kernal trap error now I dont know much about them but I tried restarting my comp like it stated if this was the first time you have seen this message well I did restart but then got the same kernal trap error it I have tried even going back to win XP which I have home edition but when the cd boots up and the setup screen comes and starts loading the drivers before the setup screen appears I recieve this adpu160m.sys corrupted then setup failed please restart the computer well I keep getting this message when I tried the win XP disk again I have also tried going into fdsik and delete my primary partion as I have to partions on it and then recreated a primary drive but still got the same problem as above I have also tried deledting my second partion thorugh fdisk but it says cannot delete whild logical drive exists now I am not sure what this means either sorry its a long story but I was wondering if anyone can help me ? any advice much appreciated as I am currently using my 8gb one now having manged to install windows on it :)


if anyone is unsure what I am meaning ill be happy to explain further thanks in advance


  scooby43 20:30 14 Jan 2003

fdisk sorry about the spelling

  graham 20:33 14 Jan 2003

scooby43, can't help but to keep you up in the ratings this has to be the longest sentence for some time.

  scooby43 20:41 14 Jan 2003

hi graham

thanks for the response I would just like to say sorry for the number of spelling mistakes I wish I had used a spell checker :(


  scooby43 21:01 14 Jan 2003

Thanks in advance as I am not sure what to do ?


  scooby43 21:25 14 Jan 2003

anyone have any thoughts


  scooby43 21:57 14 Jan 2003


  howard60 22:03 14 Jan 2003

if so put it in and see if you can get into the pc. once in you can start with cd support. then put in xp cd and see if you can repair.

  scooby43 22:25 14 Jan 2003

hi howard60

thanks ill try that.

keep the posts coming in thanks


  scooby43 23:24 14 Jan 2003


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