STOP Downling from net

  struggle8 14:47 31 May 2004

Can you Stop or set (password)for the downloading part of windows xp home as my children i.e (teenagers) keep ,downloading silly little programs that are full of spyware> Idealy I would like to be able to turn of windows download and replace it with a utillity that asks for the owners password before it will allow any downloading.

  Terry Brown 14:53 31 May 2004

You can get Filters that ofer parentral control, that only allow access to certain programs

  Mikè 14:55 31 May 2004

If they log on as users, they should not be able to install anything.

  Mo H 15:13 31 May 2004

Goto Start/Control Pane/User Acounts and Set up your own user account and password protect it. Set up an account for the kids and make it a 'Limited User' account. They can now not download - I think! If they do download then it has to be done from your login and thta's now protected.

  TomJerry 15:16 31 May 2004

You cannot prevent download because when you access any web site, you are "downloading" the content of website. If you disable download, you disable access to website. Yes, you can use web content filtering program to have certain control, but ypu will have a lot of trouble and arguments from teenagers.

There is not much point to argue with teenagers about what and what not download. There are better solutions. Here is my solution which maybe useful to you.

(1) Install two copies of WinXP on the same machine on different partitions and use a boot manage program to decide which one to boot when you start machine. So, you go into your own clean system system and they go to their messy system. One cannot see another. So if they are mess up, only mess up their own part, not your part. As your part is hidden from their part, they cannot access your files even they have a lot of spywares. Of course, you can crete 3rd or 4th partition as common data area to exchange data. You may ask how to do this. Ease, get a program called Partition Magic to do all partition and prepare for new windows installation, a program called bootmagic which come with partition magic will take care of which os to load on start up. Very easy to do it. You can get PM8 from Amazon for £13.95 click here (possibly 2nd hand).

(2) Keep an admin account on children's XP installtion and do some basic spyware remove tasks from time to time.

(3) Tell your children, you have installed a secrete Keylogging software, and it will keep a log of everything they typed, you will check this log from time to time and will ban them from using computer if you find them access unsuitable website or chatroom more than 3 times. You do not need actually install such a program, just tell them you did is enough. Such program does exist if you really want one, for example click here. They are not spyware, but a right tool to keep a log of your computer activities.

(4) If you do not use file sharing and do not want your children to use it, get a BB acount which does not allow file sharing (so you do not need to argue with children). A lot of isp provide this kind of "restrictive" account.

  TomJerry 15:21 31 May 2004

If you make them limited user which cannot install any software, you will get a lot of shouting from them. They will even make you take your own pill by sneke in and make you limited user. It is very easy to do, children will be eaily get information to do this. As for use of computer, kids are much clever than you think.

Maybe you can make them power user (not admin) which can install some (not all) software, but they are still going to argue with you when they can not install certain software which is "essential for their homework".

  Mikè 15:28 31 May 2004

Don't think the Power User option exists in Xp Home.

  Mo H 15:44 31 May 2004

Thanks for that, Here I am sat here happy thinking everything was OK with those settings and now I have the same problem as struggle8.

Must read up on other advice and take action. Thanks again

PS. Sorry Struggle8 for pointless advice!!! It is a rarity in my case and I am man enough to own up to my mistakes!!

  pc moron 20:18 31 May 2004

For what it's worth, you can do it this way:

From Internet Explorer,

Tools> Internet Options> Security.

Click Custom Level

Under downloads> file download, check Disable.

This will disable ALL downloads on ALL accounts.

Close the open windows and click Start> Run and type gpedit.msc

Under User Configuration select

Administrator Templates> Windows Components> Internet Explorer> Internet Control Panel and block access to all of the tabs in Internet Explorer.

You must have an Administrator account and the kids must have a User account for this to work.

The downside is that download will be disabled even for an Adminstrator- you can always re-enable download under the Admin account.

Remember to disable it again before you sign out.

  TomJerry 11:03 01 Jun 2004

You just need to dig around to change group policies. Run the following two commands to check out:

gpedit.msc: Group policies

lusrmgr.msc: Local users and groups

  recap 12:06 01 Jun 2004

click here is may help/explain user accounts in XP Home.

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