Stop AOL deleting email from my inbox.

  montrachet 16:55 03 May 2007

I have recently signed up with AOL for my ISP.
The only way one can continue to use Outlook Express for mail is to creat an Imap folder. Mail then comes in through this to Outlook Express.
The problem is that AOL still seem to be able to delete my mail on their time terms, ie max 7 days. This can be very annoying. Other than copying or moving mail manually to the Outlook Express inbox, does anybody know of a way in which I can automatically, either have mail transferred to the Outlook Express inbox, or just stop AOL deleting it.
Thanks in advance.

  p;3 18:38 03 May 2007

may I ask a question; why does AOL require an IMAP folder? DOES it?

on the IMAP thing I use , when mails are in my OE I then transfer them FROM the IMAP folder to another folder in OE
; BUT, if OE is syncronised with the server , once mails are OUT of the IMAP folder in OE they will also be removed from server;
is that any help? or more confusing?

  Shutt1e 20:49 03 May 2007

click here

This is where i live i live on croydon road and
the big green marker is tge exchange is that considered far from the exchange and i see it says llu is enabled for tiscali is this bad

  p;3 21:09 03 May 2007

I admit I for one am struggling to sus out what relation your post has to do with the thread starters question?

  montrachet 09:17 04 May 2007

p;3 Thanks for your response. This is the second time I have responded to your answer, the first time, five minutes ago, it disappeared into the ether. Now I will try again!! When we took on AOL as our ISP, I found I could not use OE as my mail program. AOL just would not allow it. Then my wife found, in AOL Help, that it is possible to set up an Imap folder, which AOL will then download mail into. This is because AOL use Imap instead of POP3. You continue to use SMTP to send. The problem is that AOL can then delete mail from this folder and do so after a maximum of 7 days, read or not. Having just been on holiday this is a big nuisance. I appreciate that I can copy, or move mail to my OE Inbox but this is a fag and I would like to have it transferred automatically. In OE the program does not even tell you if you are duplicating the transfer. So in answer to your point it would seem, unless anyone can tell me otherwise, that I do need this Imap folder to receive mail through AOL.
I do not like the way AOL try to take over your cumputer but as they offer free international calls here in France as part of your monthly broadband charge and my last ISP was so unreliable, I thought I would give them a try. In fact they cut me off just as often as Tele2!
Thanks again for your interest.

  p;3 14:41 04 May 2007

ok;you have set up am IMAP account in oe;;you can receive into it;

my experience with IMAP is to download from server into the IMAP folder

then transfer the mails into a completley different section ;
by doing that the mails appear to be read and , when the server is opened they are wiped off it;BUT you will have moved the needed mails to a different section

that is MY IMAP set up ( not with aol)
I have yet to find the info you found ON this stuff on the aol server

is that any help?

  montrachet 21:27 15 May 2007

Apologies for not responding sooner. Have been taking a much needed holiday.
If you go to http:/
You will find 'Use Microsoft Outlook Express 6 to read and send AOL mail.
My problem, still is, that as you say I can transfer messages to my Outlook Express Inbox, but I have to do this manually and would like it to happen automatically. Lazy or what!

  Dazza40 22:15 15 May 2007


i also use AOl and view my mail using Outlook having set up my account with IMAP and SMTP.

Mails are hoever sent to my Inbox so I don't have the same issue as you. e.g. I have 1 mail in there from the 8th April!

I followed instructions on a thread I found here. Guess maybe one of your settings?

  montrachet 22:27 15 May 2007

Are you using Outlook or Outlook Express.
I use Express, there could perhaps be some settings in Outlook that are not available in OE.
Thanks for your interest.

  Dazza40 22:50 16 May 2007

I use Outlook. Maybe there are settings in Express as you say.
Can you upgrade?

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