Stop this

  jim63 14:30 14 Apr 2009

Each time I delete something I get this confirmation "calculating time remaining"
"recycling item"
Can I stop this appearing each time I delete something.

  Technotiger 15:08 14 Apr 2009

Perhaps not exactly relevant, but you might find something here ... click here

  interzone55 15:45 14 Apr 2009

I had a similar problem the other day, where a file couldn't be deleted, and every time I accessed the folder Vista threw a fit and I had to shut down & restart explorer.exe

In the end I had to go to command prompt and delete the offending file that way

windows key + R, type cmd, then type

del "c:/folder path/file.ext"

i.e. del "C:/user/alan14/documents/wordfile.doc"

  jim63 16:40 14 Apr 2009

Still same problem. I have Vista.

  Technotiger 16:46 14 Apr 2009

My link above is for Vista - have you checked out any of the options listed in the Related Links portion?

  jim63 16:52 14 Apr 2009

Yes but unable to find how to stop message telling me "calculating time remaining"
"recycling item" Unchecked box asking if I wish to delete item

  Woolwell 17:11 14 Apr 2009

Do you have Vista SP1 installed?

This seem relevant click here but a quick internet search indicates that the hotfix doesn't always work.

It could also be a corrupted recycle bin click here

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