STOP 0x000007B error message

  tallboy 10:05 20 Aug 2006

I have Windows 2000 Professional running on my 5-yr old PC. When I started it up this morning, I got a STOP 0x000007B error message. I have tried booting it from the emergency repair disk, but that didn't work.

It looks as if I have a virus on the Master Boot Record, in spite of using Norton AV. (Although on checking the BIOS settings, I discovered that Virus checking on the boot sector was disabled. It must have been like this from new, since I have never been in that part of the BIOS - heavens knows why you wouldn't want to check it for viruses.)

What's the best way of fixing the problem? The text with the message says to check for viruses - but how can you do that if you can't get Windows to start?

It also suggests using DOS 6.22 Msav.exe to clean the MBR. Where can I get that from and again, how can I run it if neither DOS or Windows won't start?

If I re-load Windows 2000, does it overwrite all the current Favorites in Internet Explorer and my email messages & contacts directory in Outlook Express, or is it 'intelligent' enough to see that these data folders are already populated and should be used in place of the empty ones?

Finally, if I reload Win 2000, will I have to re-install all the applications?

(Obviously, I would need to download & install all the Win 2000 updates for the past 5 years - unless these files remain intact in the C drive during the re-install.)

Any help & advice would be most welcome!



  ArrGee 10:18 20 Aug 2006

click here
In the case of the above, you would lose all favourites/contacts etc. In fact all files would be lost and applications will need to be re-installed.

  ArrGee 10:19 20 Aug 2006

Can you start-up in safe mode?

  tallboy 13:50 20 Aug 2006

Unfortunately you can't start the PC in Safe Mode either.

  squareye 21:41 20 Aug 2006

Do you know for sure you have a virus? Error messages are triggered by events and combinations of events other than those reported in the error message text, ie they lie. According to the Microsoft kb click here it can arise when you install service pack 2 amongst other reasons. I would say be careful not to jump to a conclusion and create more grief than you have already got. Could you put the hard drive into another machine, set as a slave and copy all your data, before you do anything that is going to wipe the disc.Good luck .

  bluto1 22:50 20 Aug 2006

I`ve just put STOP 0x000007B into Google and came up with click here
Have a read of it as you may get helpthere.

  tallboy 12:42 21 Aug 2006

Thanks to everyone for the sugestions. I have managed to fix it - but it was a bit long-winded. Fortunately I had a spare 10GB HDD that used to be in my wife's PC. I re-formatted the drive on that and then loaded Win 2000 and put it in my troublesome PC. Once I had the basic O/S up and running, I installed the faulty drive as a slave. Win 2000 the automatically ran a check disk on it, found the error (which wasn't a virus after all) and fixed it. I could then read the data on the repaired drive.

After a power down, I re-configured the now-repaired faulty drive as the master and Win 2000 booted up OK.

Since I already planned to upgrade this 60GB drive to a new 300GB drive (which I already have) I could have used that - but alas, my BIOS is 5-years old and needs upgrading first to recognise the 300GB. (A bit difficult to do when the PC isn't functioning correctly!)

I'm now awaiting the Flash upgrade file from Award.

  Leonard30 16:52 03 Sep 2006

I have very little by way of IT knowlege and I too have had this warning pops up. Just wondering if when fixed (as I note others have whether all my family photos etc. I have on my pc in Zoombrowser will be ok?).


  bluto1 22:33 03 Sep 2006

The best way to guarantee that your photos are
safe is to make a backup disc. It has been said countless times on this forum to back up the things you most want.If you`ve got a lot of pics and add regularly, then back up regularly.

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