.stm web pages

  Patr100 01:18 24 Apr 2007

Juat curious - some webpages such as the BBC news pages end with .stm

auch as:
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Google isn't much help - can anyone tell me more about this?

  Sebastian Ereira 13:31 24 Apr 2007

Definitions of .stm on the Web:

abbreviation for the scientific, technical and medical publishing sectors; also the name of an international organisation based in the Netherlands which represents the interests of publishers in these sectors.
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New term for traditional TDM switching to distinguish it from ATM.
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A StarOffice (version 6 and later) or OpenOffice math document (they are the same); can be read on any machine with StarOffice or OpenOffice installed (available for free for many platforms including WinTel boxes, Macs, and some types of UNIX boxes). The version with the "x" is an ordinary document; the version with the "t" is a template for building other documents.
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In Forza Motorsport, Stability Management is an optional driving aid which helps maintain vehicle control under difficult cornering conditions.

Scientific Technical and Medical
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Synchronous Transfer Mode.
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N: Nth level synchronous transport module frame structure in the Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) Uniformity: The variation of power level between the optical outputs of a splitter. WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexer): A passive device that transmits signals at different wavelengths through the same fiber.
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The second stage of memory, in which five to nine bits of information can be stored for brief periods of time. (p. 237)
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A technique of determining ovulation by combining the methods of basal body temperature and cervical mucus. 379

short-term memory: what you can repeat immediately after perceiving it

STM can mean:*Scanning tunneling microscope*Software transactional memory, a method of handling concurrency in multithreaded systems*Synchronous Transport Module, used as a Frame Format in SDH*Savings, taxation and imports in economics*Société de transport de Montréal*Sunday Times Magazine*St Thomas More College*In publishing, "STM publishing" means the scientific, technical and medical field of publishing.

S3M is the file format used by the popular ScreamTracker 3 PC music tracker.

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