Stills from DV Recorder

  Charlie Farnsbarns 00:07 20 Jun 2005

As someone new to digital camcorders who's getting one soon, would anyone know whether there are any programs specifically for capturing and enhancing still images from the digital recordings, which can then be saved as normal JPEG's. I understand that most DV Recorders have a still camera function but that the resolution is so low that the pictures are normally not worth a carrot. All comments greatly appreciated.

  BT 09:23 20 Jun 2005

PowerDVD 6 from Cyberlink is good for playing back your DVDs and also has an excellent and very fast high quality still image capture.On sale at Amazon for ca.£19

  stlucia 12:59 20 Jun 2005

Once you get your camera, you'll probably want some kind of editing software. I use Pinnacle (there's lots of others) for downloading DV onto my PC, editing it, and putting it into MPEG files ready for burning onto DVD. It has a facility for capturing a single frame and saving it as whatever you want. In my opinion quality is adequate for viewing on TV or for printing as 6 x 4 photos, but you never will get still camera quality because the number of pixels in an amateur video camera is less than (or perhaps now just greater than) 1Meg.

  fazer 13:04 20 Jun 2005


If you don't mind me asking, why do you want to use a videocamera to take stills?

You are right that the (stills) resolution is usually very poor but also bear in mind that videofootage is not much better either !

I strongly advise you to keep one camera for video and another designed for stills.

  pj123 14:19 20 Jun 2005

Charlie Farnsbarns, you are right. The picture quality of the stills is awful. That's why they have Digital Still cameras.

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