Still will not boot :-(

  riceuten 11:36 31 Jul 2008

I posted a couple of days ago here

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To summarise, I rather stupidly obeyed a prompt from an obsolete piece of Virus scanning software to delete a particular file that appears to be vital for the functioning of my laptop. It's an Amilo M 7400 Centrino 1.4 combo running Windows XP Home Edition, and is 4 years old. When it boots up, I get to the splash screen, but then come to a screen telling me that the computer did not shut down properly, and asking me if I want to do a "safe start", "safe start with networking", or a "normal start". Hitting any of these options brings me (eventually) back to this screen.

The conscensus of suggestions appeared to be to get hold of a XP disk and launch a repair from that. This I managed to get hold of - an XP Pro disk (although my home computer has XP Home on it). I put it in the CD drive and restarted it. I'm fairly sure the BIOS is set to boot up off the CD drive first - that's what the boot menu seems to suggest. Sadly, when the computer starts, it doesn't appear to want to boot off the disk I was provided with. I just get the same options as if there were no disk there. However, if I insert a Linux disk, it boots from it straight away, so I suspect it's not a hardware fault with the CD drive. I am very much a beginner in all of this, and probably proof positive that ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’.

If I F8 and ask it to run in debug mode, it appears to hang when it is loading up the drivers. Any suggestions gratefully received.

Thanks for any observations you can offer, even if it’s just tea and sympathy.


  birdface 11:52 31 Jul 2008

Not sure if you can use a Pro disc when you are on Home.Can you start in safe mode and do a system restore.

  riceuten 12:13 31 Jul 2008

it just cycles round to the original screen asking if I want to "start in safe mode", "start in safe mode with networking", or "start normally".

I figured the difference in disks MIGHT be a problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:23 31 Jul 2008

You cannot do a Home repair with a Pro disk!

What file did you delete?

you may be able to copy the same file from the Pro disk or i386 folder to your hard drive using linux or recovery console on the pro disk.

  ^wave^ 16:36 31 Jul 2008

if you know the file it will still be in the recycle bin you can get a linux cd that boots from cd and restore it. but i fear that using the pro disk might have caused other probs

  riceuten 16:39 31 Jul 2008

The problem also seems to be that I can't get the PC to boot off any disc except Linux. How do I get to the recovery console on the Pro (or indeed any) disk ? It won't presently launch as the computer only gets so far (to the safe reboot screen) before asking which one I wish to use (Safe, Safe with Networking, Normal Restart) - selecting any of these just brings me back (eventually) to this screen after crashing.

I can't remember which file I deleted as it was deleted by a antispyware application. It looks like it was some kind of driver, as this is where it crashes.

  riceuten 16:43 31 Jul 2008

I don't think the XP Pro disk has caused any problems because the laptop doesn't recognise it. It just spins it and gives me exactly the same options regardless of whether it's in situ or not.

I do have a Linux disk, and it boots off that, but sadly not the Linux skills to be able to

i) navigate how to use Linux
ii) locate where the recycle bin was
iii) reinsert whatever I deleted to where it is supposed to be.

Many thanks for your help.

  ^wave^ 16:44 31 Jul 2008

if it was a driver then starting in safe mode would bring it back up do you have a recovery disk or recovery partion

  riceuten 16:48 31 Jul 2008

There's no recovery partition on the laptop and I have mislaid the recovery CD. I was kind of hoping to avoid using the recovery CD until I had exhausted all other possibilities as it would wipe out all the software and documents.

I do wonder what vital thing I have deleted.

  ^wave^ 16:51 31 Jul 2008

to be honest this looks like your only way forward or buy a xp disk boot from that and reinstall it will not wipe out your programs

  riceuten 16:53 31 Jul 2008

My worry is that I will buy a XP Home CD/DVD, and the computer will not boot off that - £50 ($100) down the drain.

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