Still spyware after AdAware Spybot Spyblaster scan

  the_face 11:07 25 Mar 2004

After reading something in the Sunday Times' 'Doors' section, I went to click here and ran Spyaudit. And apparently, despite having Adaware, Spybot and Spyblaster, I still have:


Alexa Toolbar
Spy #cd295 -- Research In Progress
Spy #7a601 -- Research In Progress
Spy #a7c44 -- Research In Progress
Spy #cb119 -- Research In Progress

Adware Cookies

Spy #04cbb -- Research In Progress
Spy #9b295 -- Research In Progress
Spy #fa95d -- Research In Progress Cookie

That's 6 of the first lot, 4 of the other. I can't get rid of them with any of the current Spyware scan/deletion freeware I have.

I am supposed to fork out for Earthlink Total Access or ZoneAlarm Pro? What should I do?

  Big Elf 11:18 25 Mar 2004

I haven’t tried these myself but they have been recommended for Trojan removal by others on the forum:

Trojan Remover click here and

The Cleaner click here

CoolWebShredder click here

  Big Elf 11:19 25 Mar 2004

You have updated Adware, Spybot etc. haven't you?

  Stuartli 11:22 25 Mar 2004

I'm a bit dubious about this Spy Audit link - it states it is only a 200k download yet is listed at 1.1MB by FreshDownload.

I cancelled it.

  Mango Grummit 11:27 25 Mar 2004

I'm with you Stu. There's something not quite right here I think.

  the_face 11:44 25 Mar 2004

I've run updates on adaware, spyblaster, and spybot and apparently, I'm protected.

This is hard to believe, given that Spyaudit is still telling me the same thing: I have 6 Adwares and 4 Adware cookies tracking me.

I'm at a loss. Is earthlink doing more than these other Spyware scanners or is it just trying to make money off poor saps like me?

  the_face 11:46 25 Mar 2004

the link for Cool Web Shredder doesn't work

  colberly 12:38 25 Mar 2004

Funny, I have spybot, adaware and spyware blaster on my PC and I have just tried spyaudit and found nothing. In the past adaware has found the alexa thingy and removed it.

  Stuartli 13:27 25 Mar 2004

I e-mailed Earthlink and got the following reply at 12-21pm:

"We received your inquiry about Spy Audit.

We do apologize with the discrepancy on our website. The information is not updated. We appreciate your input on this issue. Rest assured that we will pass the information along to the proper departments so that the situation will be addressed.

We hope that the above information will be helpful for you.
Should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Angela A 2108
EarthLink Electronic Customer Support
EarthLink, Inc."

Pity some UK companies and organisations seem unable to respond as quickly.

  temp003 04:01 26 Mar 2004

Nothing to worry about. Definitely no need to subscribe to Earthlink or get the pro version of ZoneAlarm just for that.

I think the Alexa thingy comes bundled with more recent versions of IE itself. To do with the "Related" option in the toolbar and maybe other things. Nothing serious. Spybot detects it too. You can keep or remove it.

The other stuff is just "tracking cookies". Cookies almost always "track" your surfing to some extent. Different spyware detectors may have different classification as to whether a site's cookie is spyware or not. For example, one of yours listed is which is Microsoft's network (probably to do with hotmail, Messenger etc).

Cleaning up your cookies from time to time will sort it out.

  Big Elf 08:39 26 Mar 2004

New link to Cool Web Shredder is click here

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