Still need a motherboard serial number detector

  ykzn 15:25 14 Sep 2006

Hi all!

I once posted a topic named 'Motherboard Detector' and got a reply from VoG™.

Thanks to VoG™, I got this 'siw' software.

Now although it is a good software in detecting the hardware, it displays my motherboard's serial number as 'MB-1234567890'. I tested it on my friend's computer which has a different motherboard, and it shows the same. Now I know that this is not right.

So, I really wan to know if there is any software that can exactly identify the real serial number of the motherboard.

All suggestions are welcome and all advices are appreciated.


  jimv7 15:34 14 Sep 2006

googled for MB-1234567890 and it found this....

Manufacturer : ASUSTeK Computer INC.
MP Support : 1 Processor(s)
MPS Version : 1.40
Model : A8V-MX
Version : Rev 1.xx
Serial Number : MB-1234567890
System BIOS : 63-0503-000000-00101111-120605-K8M800

  ykzn 15:41 14 Sep 2006

Hi jimv7!

Well, that is not my motherboard. Although mine is an ASUS, it is definitely not that model.

So, is there any software that can detect the real serial no.?

  spuds 15:47 14 Sep 2006

SIW is usually very reliable, and very good in finding things out about a computer, including 'hidden gems'.

See if these are any better Belarc click here Everest click here

  ykzn 15:54 14 Sep 2006

Thanks spuds!

I'll try out both of them and I will let you know whether if it works or not.

  DieSse 16:52 14 Sep 2006

Whilst I don't know for sure, I suspect many or most (maybe all) manufacturers don't program a motherboard serial number into the CMOS chip.

Why do I think that? - well why would they - it'd be an extra hassle to program each chip seperately, then match it up with the label they usually put on the motherboard - and if anybody changed the chip at any stage of manufacture (say it failed it's final checkout and went back for rework) - then it would be a nightmare to specially setup another CMOS chip.

Now the BIOS chip itself could easily have a serial number programmed in when it was set up - but this would be for the chip itself, not the motherboard it was eventually plugged into.

Just my guess.

  Stuartli 17:12 14 Sep 2006

Try Windows own System Information.

If you highlight System, it should report the System Manufacturer and System Model.

This represents the mobo manufacturer and the particular model installed.

For instance I have an MSI KT6V motherboard which is correctly listed in System Information as an MS-7021 model.

  Stuartli 17:13 14 Sep 2006

SiW also correctly states the make and model number of the motherboard.

  silverous 17:22 14 Sep 2006

I suspect you won't get a serial number through software. When Intel started putting uniquely identifying numbers on chips there was a privacy uproar. People didn't like the fact that their PC could be identified.

Of course, there are MAC addresses and IP addresses (ok not necessarily unique but will be in cases) which people readily accept so not sure quite what all the fuss is about.

  GaT7 18:20 14 Sep 2006

Open the case & look for a sticker on the motherboard, which should have the serial number - but I suspect you already know this??

May I ask why you need software to identify the a motherboard's serial number? Is it only for the ONE motherboard? If you needed to know the motherboard's serial numbers for several computers I can understand.... G

  ulrich 20:59 14 Sep 2006

Your m/board no is on the m/board. Why do you need it?

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